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AUDITION! Open Call… Join the Cast of NCT!

Sunday July 16th 1:00pm
Call 602-374-5638

WE WANT YOU to audition and join our improv comedy team! Who are we? (An excellent question, we can already tell that you are exactly the sort of savvy individual we require.) NCT is the Valley’s most spontaneous and high energy improv comedy team. We perform EVERY Friday and Saturday at our theatre in Mesa PLUS we perform countless private, corporate and special events throughout the Valley including Phoenix Comicon and more! Who are we looking for? (Another thoughtful and important query, you are to be congratulated.) We endeavor to expand our team with diverse and interesting folk who are fun, high energy, full of positivity and eagerness to perform. No improv experience is necessary! SO how do you sign up? (Your best question yet, well done!) Simply call 602-374-5638 and join us on Sunday July 16th at 1:00pm.


Auditions at NCT… What Are We Looking For?


An Insider Look at What We Look For in Potential Players at nct auditions

Auditions at National Comedy Theatre happen but once a year, and this is the first time in several years that auditioners will be cast directly onto the Main Stage performing improv team.  However, it might be hard to know what we are looking for as we watch the hilarious and exciting auditions take place?

Be On Time- In Fact, Be Early

Auditions for 2016 are Sunday February 28th at 1:00pm. We like to start as close to 1:00 as we possibly can, which means that everyone needs to be ready to go! There is a short form to fill out when you arrive, and our helpful players will also take your picture so that we can match the face up to the names. Of course, it is helpful to arrive about 10-15 minutes early in order to accomplish all this. PLUS, being a bit early shows us that you are eager and excited to be a part of the action.

Say Yes

It’s Rule Numero Uno in impov and, of course, it is the first thing we look for in new improvisers for our team. The best advice that we can give potential improv comedians is also pretty great advice for the rest of life as well: Say YES! to ideas that come your way.  Listen carefully and interact with positivity and encouragement for your fellow performers.
Yes, we have cast folks before who did not get one laugh during auditions, but they listened carefully and said YES! to all of the ideas that were put in front of them on stage.


Saying YES! is a great beginning, and adding something is key to letting us know that you are an engaged and energetic person. Listen carefully to the ideas of others on stage, agree by saying YES and then add something interesting that will help to move our story forward. Should you add something crazy and wackadoodle from way out of left field that will catch everyone off guard and get a laugh? Heavens no! Add something that makes sense and is the logical next step in the story. This will show us that you are able to listen, you know how to say yes, and you can add information that tells an interesting story.


NCT is most interested in adding fresh perspectives to our always evolving team of improvisers. Each Friday & Saturday night we choose between 7-9 performers for the show. We like for the show to always have a new and fresh spin, and that is why we like to keep the team fresh and exciting as well. The best way to be noticed at auditions is to be the best and most interesting version of yourself possible!

No Show Boats

During improv comedy auditions we are never interested in too big, too loud, too splashy or too kookoo bananas crazy. We are not even interested in seeing which of the auditioners get the biggest laughs. We are looking for the people who are listening, saying YES!, adding to the story and supporting their fellow players on stage. Show Boats rarely get positive attention at improv auditions. So please, be yourself and show us how amazing you are!

Be Polite

Many of the cast of improv comics at NCT like to help out at auditions. They will be the people checking you in when you arrive, taking your picture, explaining what to do next and yes, they will be watching as you go through the process of audition. Our players will almost always note when someone is particularly nice and polite, they will certainly note anyone who is pushy or rude. Remember, if you make it to the team, the folks helping out at auditions will be your new team mates and friends.

Have Fun!

Let’s be real, the whole point of improv comedy is to have fun! Therefore, it makes the most possible sense to have fun in your auditions! Get up there on stage and show us that you love it, you listen, you say YES! and you belong on the team at NCT!

Give us a call today to sign up or ask questions! 602-374-5638

Auditions: A Players Perspective

Auditions at NCT

Auditions from the Players Point of view

What happened when YOU auditioned for NCT?

The group of performers at National Comedy Theatre has always been a mixed bag of interesting folks. Some of our performers participated in auditions just a few years ago and spent time training with our Thursday Night Team. Others auditioned seven or more years ago and still get up on stage with us each week.

We asked the team to chime in with some of their audition memories.

Ellen’s Audition

4 years ago my high school buddy, Anthony, invited me to audition for National Comedy Theater at 1. Why on earth did I think that meant 1am? I’m not sure, perhaps I thought comedians were vampire-like. I missed it again the next time due to a pedicure running long. It’s not that I have a toe fungus or anything, the salon was just really busy that day.
But as it goes, the third time is a charm. I didn’t feel too nervous, more ready than anything else. It was at this audition that I knew improvisation was the right direction for me.
My very first improv scene on the NCT stage was during auditions with (another NCT alum) Ricky. The suggestion was “Birthday”. At the exact same moment, Ricky and I had the SAME EXACT idea and both jumped on stage shouting “Surprise!!”.
It was timing, it was comedy, it was “Yes, and!”, it made sense and I felt 100% apart of something magical- just like I have for the past 4 years.
We are glad that Ellen eventually made it to auditions on time, being punctual is very important. We are also happy that she was able to share the kind of magic we are looking for- the magic that comes from listening to your fellow audition attendees and supporting creative ideas!


In August 2009 I was a freshman at ASU and I had seen NCT perform in front of my dorm in downtown Phoenix. One of the RAs in my building (Yousef) was a player on the team and I asked him how I could get involved.  Fast forward to February 2010, Yousef notified me of the upcoming auditions but- I had a conflict- that day I was scheduled to cover an ASU Baseball game for my internship. “Oh well”, I thought, “maybe it wasn’t meant to be”.

As luck would have it, the night before the auditions it rained so much that they couldn’t get the field ready for play and the game was cancelled.

I had never done improv before and I was pretty nervous. I had taken one short improv workshop at Thespian Conference my senior year and all I remembered was “just say yes to everything”. So that’s what I did. Every scene I was in I followed the first rule of improv and said “yes” to everything.

I’m not sure what made the NCT folks select me, but I do remember getting lots of laughs during a game of Parallel Universe (one of my favorite games to play to this day) where I played some sassy Frenchman in Paris.

The next day I got a call from Dorian inviting me to join NCT, I was so very happy. Had I known what NCT would come to mean in my life I would have probably ran down the hallways of my dorm with joy and knocked on every door to give them the good news.

So glad that Nathan mentioned the most important rule of improv, which is of course…. SAY YES!  At auditions we are always watching for folks who like to say “Yes!” And support ideas. We also think it’s great that Nate shared that he had no improv experience before trying out for the team.

Anthony’s audition

I auditioned for NCT twice. I was super nervous going into both auditions, but each time the players watching in the back and the other audition goers were very willing to laugh. Everyone on the cast is hoping you succeed when you get on stage. They want to laugh. They want to see who you are and not just how funny you think you can be. The first time around I was young and the nerves had me trying to show off, but when the second time came around (6 months later) I was older, wiser, more mature. I slowed down and just had fun with the people I was sharing the stage with. Trust me, it works.
Anthony is 100% correct, the players who come to help with auditions, the Directors who are watching and evaluating, and even the other folks there to audition are all hoping that you will succeed. We want to laugh, be encouraging and let everyone experience an environment where they can feel comfortable and show us their best selves. Showing off is almost always a red flag of someone who is not yet comfortable being themselves. There is no need to show off at NCT auditions! Simply show us the most positive and energetic version of who you are!

Jacob… aka “chico”s audition

I remember when I was auditioning. I knew that I wanted to try out for the team, so I went to a couple of shows at NCT in the weeks before auditions. I got a better feel for the style of improv that NCT was doing and built some confidence in myself heading into the auditions. We played some of the games at auditions that I had seen performed at the shows in, so I felt better when I jumped on stage.
What a terrific suggestion, thanks Chico! Coming to improv comedy shows on Friday & Saturday nights leading up to auditions is a great way to get to know what we are looking for and even get a sneak peek of some of the games we may ask you to play. In fact, it would be a wonderful idea to chat with the staff and players at the show to get some advice and encouragement before you audition to join the team.

bob’s auditon

I haven’t been to and audition recently but from what I remember it’s a lot like granola… A few pieces of delicious fruit and the occasional nut.
That’s our Bob, always looking for an opportunity to pun!


We hope that the different stories and points of view from these players will encourage you to try out for the team or even just come on out to the show for fun!
If you have any questions or want to sign up- give us a call! 602-374-5638