Specialty Classes

Improv & Sketch Comedy Curriculum

Along with all the regular curriculum offered at The Neighborhood Comedy Theatre, we offer a variety of opportunites to bring in special teachers and performers from accross the country to teach.  check back here from time to time or sign up on our mailing list to keep updated on specialty classes and workshops. 

Upcoming Classes

Check back frequently for our specialty classes

Silly Gooses is an improv comedy class at the neighborhood comedy theatre in historic downtown mesa arizona

Silly Gooses: embracing the JOY of short form improv

Learn improv techniques involving physicality, Spacework, spontaneity, word play, justification, and character specificity through the lighthearted play of short form games. Incorporate audience suggestions to maximize engagement and create shared energy, where everybody on stage and off celebrates moments experienced together. Showcase the skills learned in this workshop in a show on week six; add the techniques to your toolbox for future improv, whether short form games or long form structures.

Thursdays 7:00-9:00 for six weeks.
starting January 18th