The National Comedy Theatre Improv Comedy Classes are a a fun, unique way to sharpen your wits and your performance skills. You will learn the techniques used by the professional improvisers and comedians at National Comedy Theatre.

Improv comedy class sizes are kept small so that each participant is assured plenty of stage time and a lot of valuable interaction with our incredibly experienced instructors. Improv workshops are fun, no pressure and extraordinarily encouraging to all participants.

In Improv Comedy Class you will learn concepts and techniques that increase your potential on stage, in the class room, the board room, the living room and beyond.

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Upcoming Classes

DROP-IN Improv Classes Every Thursday 

Drop In Workshop

Beginning Improv Comedy Class with no commitment! Drop in to just one class in the series, or drop in and take them all!  Drop In Classes EVERY Tuesday night from 7:00pm-8:30pm.

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improv comedy class


 6 Weeks, Tuesdays 7- 9:00pm    $175

An introduction to the ideas and skills needed for improvisation with a focus on participation and fun. Have you been to the shows at National Comedy Theatre and thought to yourself, “Golly, it sure would be fun to learn those games!” Perhaps you are looking forward to trying something new and unique this year? Maybe you are interested in sharpening your skills and improving your self confidence, listening skills and quick thinking abilities?    The real question is, are you ready to be amazing?

This class is a fun, fast paced and focused on getting participants up on stage. We begin with an introduction to the ideas and techniques of improv through energetic exercises and move on to improvised storytelling and more. You will learn the same exciting and hilarious improv games seen on stage each week at NCT’s improv comedy shows and develop listening skills, improve self confidence, teamwork and quick thinking abilities.

In National Comedy Theatre’s Level 1: Beginning Improv class you will learn the same improv comedy games and concepts seen on stage at our award winning Competitive Improv Comedy Shows. This class is a comprehensive introduction to Improvisation. Improv comedy will develop your ability to focus, use teamwork, listen, think on your feet and have confidence… and, most importantly, improv will help you be amazing.

For more information or to suggest an idea for a class you would like to take call or email National Comedy Theatre
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Kids & Teen Improv CAMPS & Classes

Kids Improv Comedy Camp (ages 7-12)

 Class Fee $150
Class meets Mon-Friday from 12:00pm – 2:00pm with Performance for family & friends.  Check back this summer for dates.     

Kids ages 7-12 have a blast learning the same exciting improv comedy games seen on stage at the award winning National Comedy Theatre! Improv Kids Improv Comedy Classcomedy is terrific for kids. Because it encourages listening, team work, positivity and self confidence through fun, interactive games and exercises.

Teen Improv Class (ages 13-17)

Mon-Friday with Performance for family & friends $150. Check back this summer for dates.   

Teens ages 13-17 who like to get on stage and have a great time performing in fast paced, totally spontaneous scenes and games love Teen Improv Camp at National Comedy Theatre. Teens build self confidence, improve listening skills, and learn the importance of positivity!

Class size is limited, call or email today to for upcoming Camp & Class dates.

For more information or to suggest an idea for a class you would like to take call or email National Comedy Theatre 602-374-5638,