Comedy Classes

Improv & Sketch Comedy Curriculum

The Neighborhood Comedy Theatre’s Improv Comedy classes & workshops are a wonderful way to start your improv journey! Improve your quick thinking skills and personal confidence? NCT’s Improv Comedy Workshops get you making connections and trusting your gut! Interested in sharpening your team work, listening and interpersonal skills? NCT’s improv comedy workshops offer new and unique approaches to any situation. Want to learn the art of improv comedy performance to improve your wit, humor and presence? Great News! NCT’s improv comedy workshops get you on stage with professional improvisers!

Available Classes

Level 1:
Beginning Improv Comedy Class

This fun, no-pressure beginning improv comedy class will get you laughing and having a great time whilst clocking plenty of stage time and one on one feedback with your professional comedian instructor. Learn the fundamentals of quick thinking, joke construction, idea generation and development, stage presence and more.

Level 2:
Scene Work and Performance

Continue exploring the exciting techniques and ideas of improv comedy while adding a focus on performance and scene work.