Online Improv Auditons!

Thursday September 17th at 7:00pm 

That’s right, NCT Phx Improv wants YOU! Are you an energetic, enthusiastic person with positive energy? Are you interested in trying something new? Would you like to facilitate some laughter and merriment in this crazy matrix/ cyberspace /online world? Excellent! Please join our improv team! No experience is necessary! 

The NCT Improv Team presents weekly online improv shows! For the first time ever NCT is adding to their improv team entirely in cyberspace! 

(is that still what we call it? …cyberspace?? The Matrix? Or just… like… “online?”)

Auditions will be online on THursday September 17th beginning at 7:00pm. To sign up please email [email protected] or call / text  602-374-5638