Why We Love the New Years Eve Comedy Show… a Player’s Perspective

It happened in 2014… 2013… 2012… The countdown rang out in 2011… 2010… We lifted our glasses and toasted back in 2009 and 2008… and now it is coming again… the New Years Eve Comedy Show Extravaganza at Neighborhood Comedy Theatre! Favors

New Years Eve at NCT is a magical experience. Everything from the incredible improv comedy show, to the spectacular after party, the amazing desserts and the always exciting count down to Midnight with the Champagne & Cider toast- everything is extra special, extra sparkly and extra enthusiastic!

This year we thought it would be fun to look at the awesome New Years Eve event from the player’s perspective. What keeps our amazing and hilarious cast and crew coming back year after year to guffaw their way into the new year at the New Years Eve Comedy Show Extravaganza?

Jacob Talbert, better known to the NCT audience as “Chico,” gets a kick out of the party favors we pass out each year. Chico says, “I do show shows year round, but there’s always somethings special at the New Years Eve show. Of course I’m talking about getting to hand out party hats and favors and seeing grown men wear tiaras and Hawaiian leis”

HeathHeath Wilcock gets a kick out of the elaborate set up process that the cast and crew take part in each year in order to get a truly spectacular show ready. This includes putting up dozens and dozens of strings of lights, dressing up the stage, the bar and the box office. Set up also includes preparing the balloon drop which celebrates the stroke of midnight each year. Heath says one of his favorite parts of the show set up is, “Blowing up every single balloon by my mouth and lungs alone. After midnight, seeing them drop, and later pop, is very satisfying.”

Speaking of the lights, those are part of what makes the night so special for Krissy Lenz. “Every show at NCT is a totally unique and special experience. HOWEVER, seeing the massive glow on New Years Eve from the hundreds of tiny sparkling lights is like doing a comedy show inside of an explosion. …A good kind of explosion, though. A festive explosion. A comedy, special occasion explosion!”

George Moakley has traveled all the way from Germany for the past three years to take part in Neighborhood Comedy Theatre’s New Years Eve Comedy Extravaganza, and he particularly likes capping off the night with the Champagne & Cider toast. George says, “Every year I look forward to getting so tipsy that I stomp on all the balloons and take my shirt off! Until I realize that I’ve been drinking Cider the whole time and I was really just drunk on comedy… and I put my shirt back on.”

Bob Caplan, a fan favorite at Neighborhood Comedy Theatre greets each of our guests as they arrive for the evening’s festivities and memorizes each person’s name as well as some interesting facts about them and what brought them to the show that evening. Considering that the show is filled witLIGHTSh 100 or more excited super fans each New Years Eve… thats about 800 names and fun facts that Bob has memorized over the years!

For Anthony Thornton, the motivation is pretty sweet. Anthony says, “I love the New Years Eve show because after an incredible show for a packed house… we get to have dessert!” And it is true! Each year we have a selection of amazing catered desserts as well as vegan and sugar free options. “We always order way, way more than enough dessert to go around, and so each year I get to take home a pretty awesome plate of dessert leftovers!” says Anthony. This year’s desserts are catered by our friends at RigaTony’s in Tempe… their cannolis and tiramisu are huge and so delicious, we are sure that the audience will be stuffed AND there will be some amazing left overs for Anthony.

There are still a few seats available at this year’s New Years Eve Comedy Extravaganza. So, whether- like Chico, you’re all about the party bling. Or- like Heath and George you like to laugh, party and get crazy. Or maybe you want to see if Bob really can memorize your name, or you like delicious desserts like Anthony… there are so many great things about the show that there is something to make everyone happy as we welcome the year 2016!

Click Here to grab your tickets before they are gone and be sure to call 602-374-5638 to check seating opportunities!