Whats Up This Week at NCT

Hey Howdy Hey! Happy Monday, everybody! NCT has a lot of fun, new and super cool stuff coming up this week to fill up your calendar with advenute and excitement! 

Let’s kick it off which what is happening Monday for the up and coming improviers Teen Improvof AZ – its NCT’s Weekly Teen Improv Class! 
Mondays 4:00- 6:00pm – Just $20 / Individual Class or $75 / a Month

Each Monday Teens will learn the fundamentals of improv comedy and live theatrical performance as well as most of the same hilarious improv games seen on stage at NCT. PLUS- Teen participants are also invited to learn by enjoying one free improv comedy show each month!

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a weekly, ongoing Teen Improv Class! CALL TODAY to learn more: 602-374-5638

High School Improv League

Keeping that teen theme going, did you know that NCT’s High School Improv League is off and running for another amazing season? Horizon High is having their first class of the year this week, Centennial High, Perry High and Gilbert High are already rolling with classes and shows! Want to learn more about how your school can get involved? CALL TODAY: 602-374-5638 or email [email protected]

Things to do on Thursday? You betcha! This week we have Drop In Improv Class – 7:00- 8:30 pm Select Thursday Nights >> $15

Amy is teaching this week and the September 12th theme is Intro to Scenework.
Learn about spontaneous story telling in a super fun, suportive and no- pressure class! 
Call 602-374-5638 to learn more or REGISTER ONLINE HERE 

Of course, we got your weekend covered with Improv Comedy Shows at NCT-  On Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm show are  All Ages and the SLIGHTLY Uncensored Improv Comedy shows at 9:45pm are recommended for audiences 17+

Did you know you can see BOTH the 7:30pm & 9:45pm Slightly Uncensored Improv Shows in ONE night with the TWO-KET and Double Up Discount?

What is more fun than laughing your guts out at one of NCT’s hilarious and spontaneous improv comedy shows? How about TWO of NCT’s hilarious and spontaneous improv comedy shows??  https://nctphoenix.com/ticketsystem/

And this Saturday is the kick off of the new campaign of Comedy & D! (an Improvised RPG) Saturday September 14th 5-6:00pm $5
Presented by Drift Compatible Productions for a limited time at NCT **Potentially Rated R**
(add a ticket to NCT’s 7:30pm Improv Comedy Show for just $10)

Comedy&D is a live-action fantasy RPG where the world is set but the Adventurers choose their path with a roll of the dice and some guidance from their Dungeon Master!
You won’t want to miss this totally unique and hilarious comedy show!

Get tickets today: https://nctphoenix.com/ticketsystem/

And that is the fun and frolick of NCT this week, September 9-14, 2019! Questions? Comments? Haikus and accrostics? Suggestions? Find us online at facebook, instagram, google or [email protected]