Valentine’s Day Improv Shows… Will You Accept This Rose?

nct’s valentine’s day improv comedy shows make the holiday hilarious

what can you expect at this weekend’s shows?

It is a lovely, lovely time of year. Everything is mysteriously pink and there are hearts adorning objects everywhere you look. Things get a little lovey dovey at Neighborhood Comedy Theatre as well. But what makes the Valentine’s Day Improv Comedy Shows at NCT just so sweet?

The Rose Ceremony
If you have been to one of NCT’s Friday & Saturday night Competitive Improv Comedy Shows then you know that we allow YOU (the Audience!) to award points to our players by using the power of applause as votes! We do things a little bit differently at Valentines Day Improv Shows. We pick just a few lucky audience members in each round will cast their vote with roses, just like the Bachelor!

Valentine’s Day Games
At Valentine’s Day Comedy Shows we play improv games that you have never seen before on the NCT stage! You know you can count on Pick Up Lines, the game where our teams of comedians compete to win favor with a lucky audience member by crafting cleverly cheesy pick up lines, based on YOUR suggestions. The trick? Each player is allowed to say one One-Word-At-A-Time!
But Pick Up Lines isn’t the ONLY new game on stage this weekend! You’ll have to check out the show to see what else we have up our Cupid’s sleeves. Click here and get tickets now, why dontcha?

If It’s a Date?
Excellent. There will be so much for you and your sweetie to talk about, from shouting suggestions to giving out points. After the show you two crazy love birds can talk about all of the hilarious games and scenes you saw in the show and debate whether the winning team really won in your book!

It It’s NOT a Date?
Excellent. Bring a bunch of friends out and enjoy the show as awesome individuals! Bring your neighbors and spend the next few weeks discussing your favorite suggestions while trimming hedges. Bring your co-workers and debate the outcome of the NCT Rose Ceremony at the water cooler. Bring people you don’t like very much and watch the resentment melt away after hours of belly laughs!

Valentine’s Day Shows at NCT are never to be missed, so don’t miss these! Get tickets right now, come on out and fall in love with laughter!