Weird Places For Corporate Entertainment

At Neighborhood Comedy Theatre one of our favorite shows to do are private Remote Shows and Corporate Entertainment events. These are shows where a company or group has chosen NCT to be the entertainment at their event. These events include anything from conventions to meetings, holiday parties, award ceremonies and even sometimes stuff that is usually pretty boring, like annual reviews and budget evaluations. The cast of NCT brings the entire show with us and we can perform anywhere at all! …which has led to our team performing in some pretty strange places. Hence, we present:

The weirdest places nct has performed corporate entertainment shows…

Ranked from most normal but still kinda weird, to weirdest

(disclaimer, the following are examples of weird places we have performed… locally. The weirdest places we have performed while overseas entertaining US Troops… well, that’s a post all of its own.)

in a gazebo

Gazebos are a fine place for a sip of lemonade and a lively discussion of upcoming weather patterns. Who knew they would also make an inventive place to hold an improv show? At one corporate event the venue ended up overbooked and so our client’s party was relocated to the outdoor patio. Never the sorts to let little things like this stop us from having a great show, we found a lovely gazebo and make it a stage!

in a back yard

Ok… not that weird. We have actually performed many shows in back yards. Heck, ANY place can be a great place for improv! If your company event is being hosted at the Big Boss’s house, we’d be glad to come by and put on a show in the back yard. Not enough space in the back yard? We can make it work in….

A Living Room

Which was a little bit unusual. The cast felt like back in the day when they were kids, putting on plays for the parents and friends… except at this event we were all grown ups and there were about 80 people gathered around to watch and participate.

At a Gym… on the Gym Floor

For the party celebrating the holidays with the employees, trainers and owners of a local gym chain we helped move aside some exercise equipment to clear a space for the stage. And the audience? Well they sat on exercise equipment as well. By the end of that show, everyone’s abs were sore from either laughing or from actual crunches.

But, our favorite Remote Show location of all time would HAVE to be…


For a radio station event… Nobody considered the intermittent noise of a clattering roller coaster to be a possible deterrent from holding a show. Though, I have to say… we would prefer NOT to perform underneath any more giant amusement apparatuses in the future if it can be at all avoided.

As we always say, we will perform anywhere and everywhere we can find an audience to laugh with us and shout suggestions! If you have an exciting event coming up, give us a call and find out more about Remote Shows! If you have an event coming up that might NOT be exciting…. give us a call! Find out about Remote Shows!