The Main Street Comedy show with special guest Alison Stoltman

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The Main Street Comedy Show is a delightful mix of storytelling and improv comedy that you do not want to miss!
Each show features a guest Storyteller who will delight and amuse the audience with true life stories after which the improvisers will create spontaneous comedy! this Week’s guest is Alison Stoltman:

Alison is the Acting Director of the Arizona Museum of Natural History and has an insatiable desire to be a “know it all”. A museum mongrel, Alison has worked in a variety of museum settings, from smaller museums with narrow fields such as the National Conservation Center, to large general natural science museums such as the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. With a background in archaeology and paleontology she has had many roles including research and conservation of collections but her love is education and community building through shared experiences.


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