The Main Street Comedy Show Featuring Michelle Donovan

We are pleased to announce the return of our VERY FIRST EVER Guest! Michelle Donovan. That’s right she was the first guest of the main street show, back when we did it on Thursdays!  the two timers club is starting to fill up!

Michelle Donovan is the owner/operator of The Nile Coffee Shop and Theater.  She has leased the historic building for the last 14 years and has seen a lot of changes in downtown Mesa and has the stories and scars to back it up.

Born in Cleveland, OH she is was thrust into this world as an underdog and that has helped her navigate light rail construction, an epic sewer pipe back up, facade construction, and a pandemic that shuttered the venue for almost two years.  Does she have grit or just an uncanny ability to recognize when enough is enough. Only time will tell.

This mother of one has some stories has some stories to tell.

You can catch Michelle Fri Mar 22, 2024



Reservations recommended