The Art of Laughs Comedy Show and Collaboration with RAIL Mesa

The Art of Laughter- Improv Comedy & Experimental Art
A collaboration with RAIL Mesa and Boyd Harrington Cinematography

Sunday May 19th 1:00pm
FREE with reservation & photo release agreement…

TLDR: Its a FREE, high energy Improv Comedy Show at which YOU (the audience) will be photographed laughing for artistic purposes.

Laughter is beautiful! The goal of “The Art of Laughter” is to make YOU (the audience) laugh, chortle, guffaw, giggle, tee-hee, haw-haw and roar with unbridled expressions of joy- and to capture that joy on film and video. This experimental event is a one time only opportunity for YOU to be part of some magic.

The Show: All of your favorite NCT improvisers in ONE show? Yes! Playing the BEST of NCT’s improv comedy games with the goal of extracting maximum, wall to wall laughter from YOU (the Audience). Admission is FREE but ONLY with an advance reservation and a signed photo release agreement. (You will sArt of Laughsign on site on the 19th)

Make your reservation HERE:

The Collaboration: NCT is working with top notch cinematographer Boyd Harrington to capture moving and still images of hysterical glee! Check him out HERE:
This exciting, one time only project is made possible through a grant by RAIL Mesa. Check out their wonderful work HERE: