Phoenix Vs Tucson NCT VS UNSCREWED

Get ready to witness the most epic rivalry since the Hatfields and McCoys! That’s right, folks – the ultimate showdown is about to go down between two of the Southwest’s feistiest comedy theaters: The Neighborhood Comedy Theater (NCT) and Tucson’s Unscrewed Theatre!

It’s a battle of wits, humor, and regional pride as these two teams face off in a competition to see who can make you laugh the hardest. Both teams will be using your suggestions to fuel their hilarious on-the-spot sketches and scenes, but only one can emerge victorious as the funniest comedy theater in the Southwest.

This isn’t just any old competition, folks. This is Phoenix versus Tucson – a rivalry as made up as an improv scene. We’re talking ASU vs UofA, The Camelbacks Vs Mount Lemon, and now NCT versus Unscrewed Theatre. It’s time to pick your side and show your support!

So grab your tickets now and come join us for a night of rip-roaring laughter, competition, and a whole lot of Southwest sass. Will Phoenix take home the crown, or will Tucson reign supreme? There’s only one way to find out – be there to witness the comedy throwdown of the century!

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