The NCT Game Changer: All New Improv Games All Summer Long!

Neighborhood Comedy Theatre Announces the Game Changer for Summer 2016

A Unique Way for Improv Comedy Audiences to Interact and Change the Show!

Get ready for a laugh explosion that will blow your mind – Its the NCT Game Changer! EVERY Friday & Saturday night Improv Comedy show at Neighborhood Comedy Theatre will feature brand new, exciting and daring improv comedy games never before seen on the NCT Stage!

That’s right, the Valley’s most hilarious & spontaneous improv comedy club is shaking things up!

Since 2008 NCT has invited audiences to “challenge” their teams of expert improvisers by allowing selected members of the audience to pick from a list of improv games inside the “Program.” The “Audience Choice” round of the Competitive Improv Comedy Show is a unique way that Neighborhood Comedy Theatre keeps the show as spontaneous and interactive as possible.

Now, after 8 years, the NCT program that audiences use to pick games is about to change!

The best part is that NCT is inviting YOU (the Audience!) to help decide which of the all new and exciting improv games will make the cut. BECAUSE- Beginning in JUNE EVERY Friday & Saturday night show at NCT will feature at least 3 BRAND NEW Improv Games vying to win your laughs! Games that audiences like the most will be added to the new Program when it premiers in August.

At NCT we have always been excited about and proud of our Program because it gives the audience a totally unique way to interact with the improv show and make it a truly spontaneous and one of a kind experience. We are really looking forward to introducing new improv games to our audience and using their input to create a new Program this summer.

IF you like Comedy, Improv, and totally spontaneous shenanigans check out NCT’s Summer Game Changer! Thrills, chills and spills as the professional improv comics try out new and exciting improv games for the first time ever.

June 3rd & 4th check out Temp Agency: Which NCT comedian will get the job of a lifetime? Scene-O-Matic: Only the strongest scene will survive the NCT stage. Plus an all new Head to Head Challenge round game… Scatter Freeze!

June 10th & 11th NCT presents Buzz Feed: Top 10 Scenes? You wont BELIEVE number 4! Comprehensive History: You’ll learn things you never knew you never knew. And a brand new Head to Head Challenge round game… Theme Song: Improvisers create the Theme Song on the spot, and then create the show!

June 17th & 18th don’t miss Time Hop: Improv now, then and in the future. Soundscape: A game that changes with the mood of the music. And introducing a new Head to Head Challenge round game… Dumbell Races: Only the Dumbest improviser will make it to the end!

June 24th & 25th check out Press Pass: You wont believe what this famous celebrity is up to now. Noir: A spontaneous adventure in the world of the 40s detective drama. Plus a new Catch Up Round game… Audience SFX: When the audience is in control of the sound effects, the players have to act fast!

July 1st & 2nd at NCT’s 4th of July Celebration: Patriotapalooza check out Dubbing: Whose voice is it anyway? Changing Genres: the improv game that’s a Western, a Drama, a Shakespearean play and more! Plus a brand new Catch Up Round game called Film Strip- which all new improv game will win your laughter?

July 8th & 9th NCT presents Pan Left: 4 scenes happening at once! Balladeer: the musical accompaniment to your life. And the all new Last Chance Ding Round game… Back in My Day.

July 15th & 16th don’t miss 4-3-2-1: A scene that gets bigger as it shrinks. Irish Drinking Song: the classic improv game with a musical twist. Plus an all new Head to Head Challenge round game: High/Low.

July 22 & 23rd check out the No Game Game: an NCT original where the audience suggestion is all that is needed. Fairy Tale Twist: the game that shows you the other side of well known stories. And the all new Last Chance Ding round game…Remake!
July 29th & 30th, the FINAL WEEK of the Game Changer test drives the all new improv game called Scenes From A Book: the subject of this scene is randomly chosen by the audience from a surprise book! Urban Legends Untold: learn the true stories behind your favorite urban legends and, last but not least the Head to Head round game… I Object Redux!


Can’t wait to check out the new games and help us decide what to add to the program? Get your tickets today HERE at our online ticketing center OR call our box office at 602-374-5638 for a friendly human assistant! See you at the Game Changer!