More About the Move… a Projected Schedule of Events!

NCT’s Countdown to Main Street

news about our projected schedule!


September 14th & 15th – The Last Shows at NCT as We Know It!
Sept 14th & 15th will be the last shows at 1111 S Longmore WITH everything in tact.  For us, at least, it is a special event. So if you have loved the crazy walls, the many mirrors and the joy of stepping up approximately 8 inches onto an actual stage… consider joining us for this once in a lifetime weekend!

Last Shows as we Know It

September 21st & 22nd – Only 2 Weeks Left – The “Bare Bones” Improv Shows

Sept 21 & 22 is a crazy weekend! With only 2 weeks left in our run at 1111 S Longmore, most of our “stuff” will have disappeared! (so that it can reappear at 214 W Main Street) SO this hilarious weekend will be, essentially, like camp-out improv! Its a unique situation and these shows will be thrilling and one of a kind, dont miss out!

September 28th & 29th – The LAST shows at Longmore

Sept 28 & 29 will be the last weekend of shows at NCT… even MORE of the “stuff” will have disappeared at this point, but the VERY VERY VERY last shows at 1111 S Longmore are going to be so full of energy and excitement… you wont miss the mirrors! or the stage! or the furniture! Don’t you worry though, this will ALSO be your last chance to put your butts in the squeaky yellow chairs! Do not miss it! GET TICKETS!

Last Shows

Into October & the Unknown!

Getting into our new home at 214 W Main Street in Downtown Mesa means waiting for inspections and permits and hand shakes and head nods and lots of whos and whats and wheres and what have yous… so we will keep you posted and up to date as we know more about when we will be open and ready to welcome you into our new home! These are our predicted dates-

We will likely be dark for one weekend – October 5th & 6th

We are hoping the first weekend of “soft opening” shows will be October 12 & 13 …and we will keep you posted as the dates grow nearer! Be sure to check back with us on Social Medias including facebook, instagram and twitter!