Meet the Performers in our Neighborhood David Westlake

I was born and raised in Arizona, yet I still am finding venues/eventful places I have never been at which is fun. I am an 8th grade English teacher while being co-founder and co-director of my school’s Drama Club. I’ve directed an Alice in Wonderland production and a Willy Wonka Jr. Musical.

What’s one thing you want everyone to know about you:

A hobby that kicked off for me slightly before the pandemic is Dungeons and Dragons. Now I absolutely love it, and I pretty much do what I can to play DnD with friends at least once during my weekly schedule.

what do you like about improv:

I love the bonds I’ve made with other team mates, and during a scene, you just find the game together and heighten the situation. In improv, the comedy feels natural and it’s great affirmation to hear people from anywhere viewing an NCT show and laughing at the comedy we create. It’s my outlet for my love of theatre while creating fun memories!

whats your favorite improv game?:

Foward/Reverse or Sing It!