Meet the people in our Neighborhood: Amber McCall Warner

Amber McCall Warner is one of the people at the Neighborhood Comedy Theatre

By day: A freelance illustrator and animator who’s worked with Adult Swim, Giphy, Super Deluxe, Vice’s Party Legends, Fox ADHD, Taco Bell, Burger Records, various clothing lines, & regularly works with heaps of indie bands across the world designing album covers, tour posters, and merch; along with animating & directing music videos.

By night: A notorious popcorn slinger and bottle decapitator at NCT.

what do you like about improv:

I love how interactive & randomly generated the comedy of improv is; you never know what you’ll get! It’s so much fun working at NCT and getting to watch a new show unfold every time!

whats your favorite improv game?:

Blind Line