Meet the newest Performers in our Neighborhood Ernesto Ortiz

Ernesto Ortiz is a comedian, actor, and storyteller who hails from the West Phoenix neighborhood of Maryvale. With over a decade of experience, he has gained a reputation for his distinct style of humor, quick wit and fearless attitude. Ernesto is also deeply involved in the theatre community and contributes behind the scenes as a professional fundraiser for the arts. Throughout his journey, Ernesto has remained grounded in gratitude for the opportunity to bring laughter and joy to countless people, cherishing the privilege of transforming everyday experiences into unforgettable moments of hilarity.

What’s one thing you want everyone to know about you:

I LOVE to crochet. I learned as a little boy and have been doing it ever since. I can honesty make just about anything with a ball of yarn a number 4.0 hook.

what do you like about improv:

I think it’s amazing how a whole comedy performance can be created out of nothing. It begins with just a few people on stage, and as they come up with funny ideas on the spot, it turns into an entire room full of people laughing. It’s like magic!