Meet the Players of NCT: Nate McWhortor

In this month’s Meet the Players of NCT we meet Nate McWhortor! Find out what secret surprises he drops into the show when hes Mr. Voice, what Star Wars character he identifies as and what his favorite NCT suggestion was! AND, while you are at it, CLICK HERE to grab tickets to come see Nate and the rest of the NCT cast and crew in Competitive Comedy shows EVERY Friday & Saturday night!


Tell us what you do at NCT- including shows you participate in and extra stuff?
I am a player and have been since 2010. I also love to perform as Mr. Voice quite often. If you happen to be at a show when I am Mr. Voice be sure to listen carefully to all the music and try to figure out the secret theme! I’ve also participated in Uncensored Thursdays, Movie Mash-Ups, Remote Shows and many other NCT things!
What NCT Improv Game is your favorite and why?
My favorite NCT Improv game is Parallel Universe. I love when we get to play with different locations and interact in different environments. I also love when we have to justify positions. It also allows us to work on our scene work, build games within the game, travel in time, and it creates excellent opportunities for callbacks. (I’m also pretty sure it’s the game that I played at my audition that got me on the team.)
Slow-Mo is my second favorite game. Cuz I love sports and stuff.
What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?
Boy this is really hard, so many funny moments happen they all tend to blend together after a while. But I will always remember a really ridiculous moment at my very first practice with the team in 2010. We were playing Mad Gab to work on our association and stuff (I think). Heath Wilcock had just shaved his facial hair into one of the creepiest looking mustaches you’ve ever seen. And if you know Heath, you know he makes the absolute best facial expressions. The expressions Heath was making combined with his absolutely stellar mustache had me so doubled over I thought I was going to cave within myself.
There are so many great and absolutely hilarious moments on stage, but some of the best moments will come out of our rehearsals.
What is the best suggestion we’ve ever gotten?
These questions are really hard. There have been lots of great suggestions over the years. I can’t pick out one single one so I’ll say that my favorite suggestions are when we get super specific (usually nerdy) celebrities or groups of people during 5 Things. I love having to do really specific impressions of people. I think one time I had to show the 1972 Miami Dolphins.
What is your spirit animal and why?
Can I say Ron Swanson? I want to say Ron Swanson. Actually a combination of Ron Swanson and Hank Hill. All a man needs is meat, nature and a solid group of people around him.
Which Star Wars character do you relate to most and why?
Yoda. I think living in a remote swamp planet in a hobbit hole and speaking in reverse syntax to strangers seems pretty awesome.
What movie would you recommend to NCT fans?
Fired Up! I know, it looks stupid. That’s what  I thought, too. But it’s super funny, and absolutely ridiculous. It’s one of my all-time favorite movies that most people haven’t seen.
Tell us something the audience might not guess about you?
I’m a halfway decent golfer.
If you could hang a motivational poster in your office, what would it say and what would the picture be and why would you find it motivating?
I have a poster in my office that has the Oakland Raiders logo that says “Commitment To Excellence” which is the motto for the Raiders organization. It reminds me to put in the work and effort to make everything I do excellent. It also alludes to one of my favorite movies of all time, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. “Remember, be excellent to each other…and…PARTY ON DUDES!”
Thanks, Nate! We will see you at the show soon!