Meet the Players of NCT: Jordan Collier

meet the players of nct:

Jordan collier

In part 4 of our ongoing Meet the Players series we meet Jordan Collier! You may have seen Jordan on stage at NCT as one of our favorite improv comics, an outstanding show Ref and one of our favorite improvisers to take to corporate Remote Shows!

Jordan- tell us a little bit about some of the things you do as part of the improv comedy team at NCT?

I am part of the weekend team of improv players that perform every Friday and Saturday at the Theater. I also participate in off property corporate Remote Shows, Ref and teach High School Improv League, and help in Thursday night Improv Uncensored shows when I can. In the past I have dipped my toes into doing our panels at Phoenix comicon.

What NCT Improv Game is your favorite and why?

Forward Reverse. This game has the potential to get out of control and I love it. It really challenges you to remember what you previously did and constantly add on to it. It’s also a game that highlights team work because you have to be paying close attention to what your partner has said and done.

Which new Game Changer game is your favorite and why?

I’m really digging Comprehensive History. We take an ordinary every day object and then from there show you the complete history from beginning to end of this object. I like it so much because it gives you an opportunity to start in one direction and by the end you will be in a totally different direction that what you could have never predicted. Fingers crossed it makes the program!

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

At NCT? Oh Man– it’s hard to pinpoint just one thing. There have been several times that I could not keep it together during ‘5 things.’ Especially when we get odd celebrities like Skeet Ulrich, Tom Selleck or Mayim Bialik as suggestions.
Also, i recently reffed a scene where most of the cast were squids. Pretty hilarious.

What is the best suggestion we’ve ever gotten?

We were playing our signature game of ‘5 things’ and one of the suggestions for an item change was an
“Existential crisis”. I still don’t know how you show that and don’t remember what even happened. What i do know is we did not get it right but we failed hilariously and spectacularly.

What is your spirit animal and why?

Spider Monkey- Those little suckers are so flexible and can move their bodies in such an impressive way. I’d like to think that I have the grace of a spider monkey when I’m on stage.

Which Star Trek character do you relate to most and why?

Hopefully I don’t get kicked out of the theater for this but I have only seen half of the new reboot of Star Trek soooo…. I’m going to pretend this said “Which Star Wars character do you relate to most and why?”
…Hey… I love STAR WARS! I love that you asked me a question about STAR WARS. I love me some Han Solo because he is fun, independent, and unpredictable. Three things that were fun to watch growing up and are still fun to watch now. Boy I am glad you asked me about STAR WARS!

What movie, TV show and book do you recommend to NCT fans?

T.V Show- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I can’t stop watching this delightfully silly series. If you like fast, rapid fire jokes with interesting and unpredictable story lines than this is for you.
Book- Live from New York (uncensored History of Saturday Night Live)
Movie- I have been feeling Mel Brooks lately. I recommend Blazing Saddles, History of the World and Young Frankenstein

Tell us something the audience might not guess about you?

I own two cats and if space was not an issue I would have at least 4 more. Or I would keep getting them until I find one that is obsessed with me and won’t leave my side. Maybe I should look into dogs?

Do you have a lucky number?

4. One day i decided it was 4 and i haven’t looked back since.

What do you find most thrilling about performing live comedy?

Collaboration with a team. I love building off ideas and supporting my team mates.
I also love the unpredictability about a live show. You truly have no idea how it is going to go or what is coming next.

THank you, Jordan!

Come see Jordan Collier live on stage at NCT at Friday and Saturday night Improv Comedy shows. Get tickets by using your powers of free will to click on these words. You will, at once, be whisked away to our ticketing page!