Meet the Players of NCT: Bob Caplan



Regulars at NCT all know Bob. Maybe he even tried to memorize your name before the show one night, his signature move? Today we get to learn a little more about in him in a new segment we like to call… meet the players! Where we get to know more about the friendly, funny folk who take the stage each week at NCT Improv Comedy Club.

What is your FAVORITE show at NCT?

The regular weekend shows are the best. You can never predict what will happen. Each audience brings its own special vibe. With a differ group of performers each night there are endless combinations of funny!

What is your FAVORITE Improv Game?

My favorite improv game is 185. It’s pun based and I’ve been telling puns since high school so I have a treasure chest full of them already in my head.

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

A giant redwood. They live for hundreds of years.

What Movie, TV Show and Book would you recommend to NCT audiences?

So many favorite movies, but one of my favorites is Murphy’s Romance with Sally Fields and James Garner.

There is a British comedy Tv Show called Coupling that I have watched countless times. A little risqué but with some hilarious monologues by the main characters.

The book of the The Princess Bride is even better than the movie. I was disappointed when the movie omitted the Zoo of Death.

Tell us something that the Audience might not guess about you?

I love photography. I take mostly landscapes, flowers etc. I seldom have people in my photos unless it’s family. My interest was fueled when I became a combat photographer in Vietnam.

If you ran afoul of a Gypsy curse and were doomed to only see the world in black, white and grey- but you could choose ONE color to keep and see as usual- what color would you choose and why?

My mothers family is Hungarian so I’ve always kind of considered myself as a gypsy curse. If  could only see one color I would like it to be a peaceful blue. It’s easier to nap in a blue room.

Come on down to the show and check out Bob Caplan and the rest of our hilarious cast EVERY Friday & Saturday at NCT!

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And, stay tuned to the NCT Phoenix Blog for more Meet the Players segments coming soon!