Main Street Comedy Show featuring John janezic

Main Street Comedy Show featuring John janezic

Friday July 29th 7:30 pm $15.00

CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS to the The Main Street Comedy Show features all of the fast pace, spontaneous comedy of the Neighborhood Comedy Theatre PLUS the interesting tales and surprise revelations of a late night talk show!

John has been an educator for over 20 years. He has had the unique opportunity of teaching every grade from Pre-K through College. John is an Arizona award-winning professional actor and storyteller.  For over 34 years, he has been involved in numerous theatre productions, as well as film, television commercials and professional wrestling. John recently published a children’s book, “Because Cockroaches Rule” The book is based on his cockroach puppet Louie The Roach. John is a ventriloquist and incorporates his puppets with storytelling.
John Janezic
Louie The Roach
Book Trailer 
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