Maddie Moe is a Performer in our Neighborhood

Maddie Moe is a local graphic designer and merrymaker. She goes by both her first AND last name, because who doesn’t love a little alliteration? Maddie Moe been performing improv since 2011, and has been on stage since she was a wee child. Maddie Moe also helps plan social events for the NCT cast in hopes of being rewarded with french fries. When not at the theatre, Maddie Moe can be found serenading her cat Ziggy, or scouting out the best restaurants in the valley.

What’s one thing you want everyone to know about you:

I do believe that mechanical pencils are the best, most satisfying writing utensil — even if they are one of the most high maintenance.

what do you like about improv:

Improv not only has many transferrable skills that are applicable both professionally and personally, but it also cultivates a very positive and welcoming community of people from all backgrounds and stages of life. It’s a high-energy, focused fun that ultimately tells a story about the human experience.

whats your favorite improv game?:

Pan Left or Forward/Reverse