Kevin McDonald of the Kids in the Hall “Returns”

Kevin McDonald’s Online Premise of Sketch Writing Class

Saturday November 6th & Saturday November 7th
$120   12-2:00pm or 4pm-ish   
spots in class are limited, sign up today!

This is an incredible class that is not to be missed! In Kevin’s words: “Here is a vague and yet detailed description of my two day workshop: It would happen over a weekend. Each day would be two to four hours long, depending on how many students are in class. The Sunday workshop is usually the longer one.

Each students would bring to the first class, one premise for a comedy sketch, each. An example of a premise would be “What if a guy was $10 short of being a millionaire”. I would start the Saturday class by talking about sketch comedy writing for about a half hour. Then I would hear each student’s premises giving them notes on how they could write it up as a sketch (I will ask for notes from the other students as well). At the end of the class, their homework will be to write their premise up as a sketch that night.

The next day, we read each sketch and then I (and the class) will give notes on how to rewrite them. Oh and I will probably talk a little bit about sketch comedy writing again.


As an extra bonus, I will tell the class that they can email me their re-writes and I will email them back with notes. Though as I always say, I will email them back with notes, any time between 5 minutes after I get their email and two years.”