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Juan Velesco teaches at the

Viva La Improvisación: Discovering Your Voice en Español

Unlock the power of your unique voice as a Spanish speaker in the world of improv. In this dynamic workshop taught in Spanish, you’ll learn how to bring your personal experiences to the stage, crafting scenes that resonate with your unique worldview and experiences. Discover how to develop a distinct point of view that adds diversity and richness to your performances. Whether you’re a newer improviser or have years of experience, this workshop will empower you to shine on the stage, using your authentic voice to create unforgettable improv. Our goal is to foster an inclusive, dynamic space where your individual perspective shines, enhancing the diversity of the stage.

Juan Velesco teaches at the

Dynamic Duos: Mastering Two-Person Long Form Improv

Long form improv offers a canvas for deep storytelling, intricate characters, and emotionally driven scenes. This workshop focuses on mastering two-person long form improv, providing improvisers with the techniques to build strong relationships on stage, initiate compelling scenes, and create stories that resonate. Explore the dynamics of working closely with a scene partner and uncover the potential of long-form narratives. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a budding improviser, this workshop will elevate your two-person scene game.

About your instructor:

Juan began acting in his home country of Ecuador. In 2003, he moved to Argentina to continue his studies and graduated in theater and directing. In 2009, he moved to Los Angeles and started studying improv at Monkey Butler where he created his first improv team E.S.L and participated in various festivals and shows all over L.A. He graduated from iO West where he was on the main stage Harold team, Cash for Gold, and on long form teams, Day Job and Heraldo (Improv in Spanish), at The Second City.

Currently Juan teaches theater and improv classes for improvisers, kids, senior citizens, and the general public in Spanish and English in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA. Most recently, he created his improv educational page @juanvelascoimprov on Instagram where he shares tips with improvisers around the world. When he is performing, he is a part of the Main Stage cast at ImprovCity and performs with his teams Juan +1 and Thrift Shop. Juan is super passionate about improv and wants to share that passion with other improvisers around the world!

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