Introducing the New Program!

All summer long NCT has been trying new things and changing up the usual line up with all new improv comedy games at every Friday and Saturday night Improv Comedy Show. 

Now, after all the research, beta testing and trial by fire is over, NCT is excited to bring out the all new program!

That is correct, ALL NEW Improv Games and Scenes at Neighborhood Comedy Theatre beginning August 5th!

Each Friday and Saturday night when NCT super fans and new friends alike visit us for an improv comedy show, each guest is presented with a program that explains the details of the show and lists improv comedy games for the audience to peruse. Throughout the show the cast of NCT invite the audience to challenge the performers to improv games and scenes selected from these lists by the members of the audience.

Now, after 8 years, that program is about to change!

Laugh your face off at the hilarious improv comedy and all the while you won’t believe how incredibly spontaneous and interactive this show is! At EVERY Improv Comedy Show at NCT YOU (the Audience!) choose the games you will see from the ALL NEW Program!