Away from the Screen, Up on the Stage: Improv for Teens

Improv for teens? Yes! And… teenagers are some of the best improvisers on the planet, and we would know! Through NCT’s High School Improv League as well as teen improv workshops and camps throughout the year, we teach a lot of improv to a LOT of teens.

Just this past Saturday we hosted the first day of our 8th annual High School Improv League Tournament. 11 teams of high school improvisers from around the Valley have been working on their improv skills all year and the Tournament is a terrific opportunity for them to show what they have learned. The result is always impressive and hilarious, because so many of the skills learned through improvisation are super useful in the every day life of a teen.

Creative and quick thinking skills are completely necessary in improv comedy. The warm up games, training exercises and performance games that we use in teaching improv comedy help develop these skills. The best part is, the ability to think fast and have confidence in your choices extends beyond the stage and into real life. Teens who trust themselves and their ideas are more likely to put unique ideas out there without fear of judgement or rejection- and that is what improv comedy is all about.

We don’t improvise alone, either. Teens who participate in improv comedy classes work together with their team to create spontaneous comedy. Listening to each other is a key element in improv. Supporting the ideas and suggestions of your team mates is one of the MOST important elements of improv comedy. Listening and team work are highly emphasized, developed and encouraged through all types of improv for teens. Another great set of skills to take beyond the stage and into the world at large? You bet!

We also eliminate the fear of messing up or looking stupid, something many teens struggle with. In improv, there are no wrong answers and mistakes are opportunities. Isn’t that a wonderful way to approach life. With improv for teens, that seed of that idea gets planted early on and continues to grow!

Furthermore, improv is ACTIVE. We get teens up on their feet, moving, thinking and working together. Instead of sitting and watching funny YouTube videos or comedy sketches as a passive observer, we get improvisers up and on their feet to create comedy as an active participant. Teens can create content and comedy of their own when we step away from the screen and on to the stage!

NCT has teen improv classes coming up in June! Check out our Teen Improv Camp page for dates and times.