Hey Gang… We’re Bored! Let’s Play and Learn?

Holy cow, y’all…. We’re used to having many weekly oppportunities to burn our creative bonfires, to learn new things and, most importantly, to laugh and interact with interesting people. 

Right now we, like you, are doing what is best for our community by following the CDC guidelines and social distancing… but that shouldn’t mean we can’t find ways to burn those creative bonfires! And learn new things! And, most importantly, laugh and interact with interesting people. 

Therefore, behold our social media distract and learn strategy for the upcoming week! Look for these interactive posts on NCT’s social media (links below) and be encouraged to laugh, learn and engage with us?





Worlds Worst Chore

You’ve seen our weekly Monday PUNday 185 jokes. This week we are adding some WORLDS WORST: SOCIAL DISTANCING edition.  Example? Give us the WORLDS WORST chore you have turned into a game out of boredom? How about the Swiffer Shoe Olypics? What other clothing could be replace with swiffer dusters to accomplish cleaning with an added element of excitement and danger? What chores have you found new, entertaining ways to accomplish? OR, what have you suddenly found the inspiration to clean that you have possibly NEVER cleaned before?

NCT Recommends! Your favorite NCT players are also, mostly, stuck at home right now. Like you they are wiling away the hours and they have some recommended binge watching, podcasts, books, movies and more to keep you busy and entertained. Example? Director Krissy recommends you binge Schitts Creek, streaming on Netflix and PopTv. This Canadian sitcom is a unique twist on your usual ‘fish out of water’ story. And, as the seasons progress, the positivity and progress of the characters is inspring and joyful.  Next time you see Krissy at the show, be sure to say, “Eeew, David!” 

Add to your mental library of 3 Syllable Words!


Deep Dive into a genre of film, tv or literature?

5 Things Inspo! Learn about odd sports, unusual hobbies and more.

5 Things Inspo

My Movie Play Along! What blockbuster movie title would you create with the letters K and L? 

My Movie Play Along

We hope you will help entertain us by helping us entertain you? We are looking forward to some Social Distancing Social Media fun! 

Gift Cards

Wondering if there are other ways to support your favorite lil’ local family businesses during this time? Grab gift cards! NCT eGift Cards are available HERE! and they never expire.