Meet Nathan Blackwell and Heroes of the Multiverse

Coming up on May 22nd NCT is super excited to be hosting a special event- a live script reading of a new screenplay! Heroes of the Multiverse will be brought to life by a full cast of actors right up on stage, before your very eyes. However, most of us have probably never been to a live script reading and may not know what to expect. We talked with award winning writer and director Nathan Backwell of Squishy Studios to get an insider scoop. Trust us, you do NOT want to miss this exciting event.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Nathan?

I’m a local filmmaker, and I mainly do fun “genre comedy.” Recently I did a web series called Voyage Trekkers, about the worst starship crew in the galaxy. I also like long walks along the beach.

We LOVE Voyage Trekkers. In fact, you might notice a souvenir lizard man mask hanging out around NCT if you look carefully. Click HERE for Krissy’s favorite Voyage Trekkers episode, Lazer Swords at Dawn.  We also recommend heading on over to the Squishy Studios page to browse all of their awesome, award winning productions, including another NCT favorite, which features a familar NCT face, Logan Must Make Star Wars.

But- What is a live script reading all about? We’ve heard of the Kids in the Hall getting together for a reading of Brain Candy. What can people expect at this live script reading? 

The most recent and famous version I can think of is when Quentin Tarantino did a live stage reading of “The Hateful Eight.” The whole idea is to bring the script that’s on the page up on its feet and to life with real humans performing the words out loud.

Heroes of the Multiverse is an action comedy about the ultimate B-movie mashup. Our main character, a normal man with no special powers, discovers a portal to another world … and that world is like a bad 80s movie with ninjas and drug dealers. Before we know it, we discover these evil villains have a device that allows them to visit other worlds, and these worlds are basically other movie genres … like the Old West, Zombies, Superheroes, etc. So now, our main character must unite the disparate heroes from these other worlds to stop the bad guys in time.

Who are the actors participating?

For the reading I’ve pulled a number of actors I’ve worked with in the past, some of whom I even wrote the parts in the screenplay for, and we’ve also enlisted some of the fabulous comedians at NCT to help too!

Can you give us a sneak peek at some of the characters?

Our main character, Harry, lives in the world of a modern musical. Sort of like Glee. But he feels like an outsider because he can’t sing. In fact he hates to sing. So he’s our man of his genre, who just doesn’t feel like he has a place that he can call home. There’s also a ton of ninjas. There’s also a cowboy who has a metal hand that’s actually a flask. And there is a scene where a karate gang plays rock and roll.

Fill in the blanks- if you like BLANK you will BLANK Heroes of the Multiverse?

If you like the genre exploding fun of “Kung Fury”, the over-the-top energy of “Big Trouble in Little China”, then this will definitely be up your alley. I’ve also described the script as “the Lego movie but with B-movie genres.” And if you’re interested in just the process of making movies, what it takes to hone a piece of comedy, I think you’ll be in for a unique experience.

Thank you, Nathan! Get your tickets now to attend this unique, one time only live script reading!

Sunday May 22 2:00pm $5 (rated PG-13)

CLICK HERE for tickets or call 602-374-5638 for a human box office representative.