FREE Beginning Improv Classes

FREE Beginning  Improv Class!
3rd Saturday of the Month for a limited time!

Sat March 17th, Sat April 21, Sat May 19th 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

PLUS *Get 2 free tickets if you sign up for the Level 1

*Stay for the show? Surprise discounts and offers at each FREE class while they last

Have you always wanted to try out the exciting world of Improv Comedy, but something keeps holding you back? Take a chance and try it out at one of NCT’s FREE Beginning Improv Classes! Improv Comedy is so much more than just an interactive way to improv one’s performance skills and comedic timing, it is also a fun and no pressure way to improve anyone’s quick thinking, listening skills, self confidence and more… At NCT our instructors have more than 20 years of performance experience, more than 15 years of teaching experience and more than 10 years of laughter and improv educating right here in the Valley!

Call today for more information or to reserve your spot in this hands on, interactive class! FREE Beginning Improv Classes won’t be around for long, so call and reserve your spot TODAY!
602-374-5638  [email protected]