Bring the Puns!

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Now you might be wondering, “OK, so why the heck is this so important to me?”

We shall list the ways!

  • NCT Phoenix is home to the valley and has been supported by local Arizona residents for 10+ years.
  • We provide weekend shows for families and friends to come together and laugh away the day’s pains. (So many, right?)
  • Supporting NCT also supports Arizona’s local economy. We’re like the local farmer’s market that sells laughs. We’re like the local kale grower of laughter. (We can also hook you up with some kale, if you need it.)
  • NCT’s extracurricular program teaches Arizona youngsters from all over the state how to improvise, which studies have shown can help increase cognitive development, improve social skills, and promote one’s ability to problem solve in real-time(1).
  • NCT also teaches teenagers and adults the fundamentals of improv with our high-level improv training courses that have helped people become more confident in their businesses, say “yes” to what life has to bring, and even strengthen relationships with our “improv listening training.”
  • And for many of our fans that come see us every weekend (you know who you are… yes we are talking to you, [Your Name]) NCT is another home. We aim to make this new version of home just as amazing.