5 Things You Didn’t Know About Spooktacular Shows

5 Things You Didnt Know About NCT Spooktacular Improv Comedy Shows

  1. Zoltar has been a fixture of the SPooktaculars for 10 years… although he was missing for a few! Zoltar, the beloved and grumpy floating head who serves as our Spookmaster Voice has been a part of our Spooktacular improv shows from the very beginning… until he was out of commission in 2015 and, luckily, was brought back to life in 2018!
  2. Costume Contests go to either the cutest or lamest costumes… each Spooktacular show features a costume contest where YOU (the Audience!) can win an NCT Prize Pack based on audience votes. And our audiences love to reward either adorableness of youth or a total lack of effort! So don’t be intimidated, throw on those bunny ears and join the fun!
  3. For years we have played “death defying” improv games… like Oxygen Deprivation, which isn’t particularly a drowning hazard so much as it is a germ nightmare!
  4. This year we have special guest stars sneaking into the second half… that’s right! On Friday the 25th the 7:30pm show will feature the first ever “Montage of All Stars” featuring some of the best improvisers from all around the Valley in addition to your NCT cast!
  5. The show almost always ends with the total zombification of the cast… we don’t quite know how or why, but Zoltar the Spookmaster Voice seems to turn on us around the final score each year. THe cast tends to get mysteriously slain, rise from the grave almost immediately, and then be fine again the very next day. We hope you will join us to see if that happens again this year!