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Every Week

The Neighborhood Comedy Theatre performs over 300 shows a year. We’ve got something for everybody. Come by and check out any of our hilarious and spontaneous improv comedy shows!

Every Weekend

Chaos Comedy Show at the neighborhood Comedy theatre in downtown mesa
NCT Improv Comedy Club

The Chaos Comedy show

The Main Street Comedy Show

The Competitive comedy show

Thursday Nights at 7:30 PM

RESERVATIONS are strongly recommended

Friday Nights at 7:30 PM, All Ages

RESERVATIONS are strongly recommended
Saturday Nights at 7:30 PM, All Ages
RESERVATIONS are strongly recommended

On Thursday night all bets are off at the Neighborhood Comedy Theatre.

Experience the thrill of Chaos, where YOU, “The audience”, command the show! Dive into the unpredictable excitement as the fate of EVERY game rests in your hands, thanks to the relentless and all-knowing* Bucket of Doom. Seize the power to decide which of NCT’s elite comedians will entertain you by wielding the crafty and clever Colander of Chaos.

It’s not just a show; it’s an adventure where your choices sculpt the laughter and surprises of the night. Join us at the Chaos Comedy Show.  

The Main Street Comedy Show is a delightful mix of storytelling and improv comedy that you do not want to miss! Each show features a guest Storyteller, who will delight and amuse the audience with anecdotes that the performers will use to  inspire spontaneous comedy!

Previous Guests have included the mayor of mesa the former mayor of Tempe, Broadway actors and even a ventriloquist

Do you know someone who would be a great guest for this show? drop us a line

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Looking for an exciting, unique and totally hilarious night of comedy? The Neighborhood Comedy Theatre’s Saturday night Competitive Comedy show is just the thing! And guess what, they happen EVERY Saturday!

No two shows are ever the same! YOU (the Audience!) get to shout out suggestions, challenge the performers, and decide which team of comedians is the funniest!

The best part? the 7:30pm Competitive Comedy show is ALL AGES, and perfect for All Audiences.

Hilariousness awaits at the Neighborhood Comedy Theatre! The Improv Comedy Show is fast paced, interactive and never the same twice!

Not Every Weekend

The Improvised Musical

The Run

F@&k*d-up Fairytales

The Slightly Uncensored show

The improvised Musical at The Neighborhood Comedy Theatre in downtown Mesa

First Fridays of the Month at 7:30 PM, Ages 18+

First Saturday of the Month at 9:30 PM, Ages 18+

Second Saturday of the Month at 9:30 PM, Ages 18+

Last Saturday of the Month at 7:30 PM, Ages 18+

We bring you an evening where the storyline, melodies, and lyrics are created on the spot, inspired by YOU!, “The Audience”.
Our talented troupe of performers, equipped with the musical prowess of Johnny “Keys” Smetek, awaits your suggestions that will help craft this one of a kind show.
Our improvised musical breaks the fourth wall, inviting you to be more than just a spectator. You are a co-creator, influencing the direction of the performance with your ideas

RESERVATIONS are strongly recommended

“The Run” a monthly show at The Neighborhood Comedy Theatre, where we showcase three distinct improv teams and three distinct styles of improv for your viewing entertainment.

Prepare for an evening where spontaneity reigns supreme, and the unexpected is the only constant. It’s a rollercoaster of talented improvisers from all over the Valley.


RESERVATIONS are strongly recommended

See what happens when the cast of the Neighborhood Comedy theatre re-interprets, re-imagines or just plain ruins your childhood fairytales.  This one hour show not for an all ages audience (As if you couldn’t tell).

RESERVATIONS are strongly recommended
The Last saturday of the month the Neighborhood Comedy Theatre’s always incredible improv comedy gets “SLIGHTLY Uncensored” at 9:30pm. How bonkers does it get? Well….SLIGHTLY bonkers… This interactive improv comedy show is always totally fresh and completely spontaneous. No two shows are ever the same because they are all based on YOUR suggestions!
RESERVATIONS are strongly recommended