Regular Performances

The National Comedy Theatre performs over 300 shows a year. We’ve got something for everybody. We invite you to check out any of our hilarious and spontaneous improv comedy shows:

Competitive improv comedy Shows

Improv Comedy Shows

Our hilarious and award winning cast performs every Friday and Saturday night at 7:30pm & 9:45pm! Improv Comedy Shows are high energy, hilarious, spontaneous and interactive fun for all ages.

7:30pm Improv Comedy Shows feature Competitive Comedy. Two teams of comedians face off in comedy showdown where YOU (the Audience!) decide which team entertained you more! This showing is All Ages and appropriate for All Audiences. No two shows are ever the same because all of the suggestions come from YOU (the Audience!)

9:45pm Improv Comedy Shows feature a variety of improv comedy formats and special surprises. March Late Shows will feature the Suggestion Box: with a million totally unique ways to get suggestions, what will be your favorite? Check out this unique format through March 31st at 9:45pm.

Looking for Special Events? Click Here to find out about the Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall) Comedy Show, the Kevin McDonald Sketch Workshop, Literacy Laughs: Improv Comedy Benefiting Kids Need to Read and Show in Reverse!

NCT is Improv Comedy at its finest. Click Here and get your tickets today!

Improv Uncensored


Things are always off the rocker at National Comedy Theatre’s Improv Uncensored Show! We never know WHAT might happen.

With different comedy and improv acts at each event, this show is totally spontaneous. Improv Uncensored is off the cuff and out of control. The uncensored show is unlike the all ages comedy of the Friday & Saturday night Improv Comedy Shows. NCT’s Improv Uncensored Show has no Ref, no rules, no “Brown Bag Foul.” It is no holds barred improv comedy entertainment.

Uncensored Phoenix Improv Festival Preview Show  Thursday March 30th 7:30pm $8 Ages 17+

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