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About the Show

Phoenix Crowd

The National Comedy Theatre improv comedy show is appropriate for all audiences and there are no drink or age minimums.

National Comedy Theatre has received unanimous acclaim across the country:

"We laughed and laughed and laughed!"
Judy Hedding,

"I laughed so hard I felt like I'd had one good marathon run. "

"NCT is the funniest thing I've ever seen!"

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Similar in style to "Whose Line is it Anyway," the National Comedy Theatre is a high octane comedy show featuring the Valley's best improv comedians performing a series of games and scenes all based on audience suggestions.

The audience picks the games, helps us call the fouls, and ultimately decides which team of comedians is the evening's winner. And it's ALL AGES!

It's a fast, hysterical, unique and highly interactive show and the most spontaneous improv comedy experience in the Valley!