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Slightly Uncensored Late Shows this Summer at NCT


Slightly Uncensored Improv GET TICKETS TODAY
at 9:45pm Late Shows this Summer at NCT
Friday & Saturday nights at 9:45pm (Ages 17+) $12-$14

The always hilarious and spontaneous Improv Comedy Shows at NCT are changing things up for the 9:45pm Late Show’s.  That’s right, things at NCT are getting saucy for the summer! With NO Brown Bag Foul! Audiences ages 17+ can laugh and shout suggestions at their favorite NCT improv comedians at this summer’s Slightly* Uncensored Improv Show!

Get tickets today at https://www.nctphoenix.com/ticketsystem/

Late Shows Uncensored!

Meet the Players of NCT: Nate McWhortor

Nate McWhortor
In this month’s Meet the Players of NCT we meet Nate McWhortor! Find out what secret surprises he drops into the show when hes Mr. Voice, what Star Wars character he identifies as and what his favorite NCT suggestion was! AND, while you are at it, CLICK HERE to grab tickets to come see Nate and the rest of the NCT cast and crew in Competitive Comedy shows EVERY Friday & Saturday night!

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Meet the Players of NCT: Jordan Collier

Jordan Collier

meet the players of nct:

Jordan collier

In part 4 of our ongoing Meet the Players series we meet Jordan Collier! You may have seen Jordan on stage at NCT as one of our favorite improv comics, an outstanding show Ref and one of our favorite improvisers to take to corporate Remote Shows!

Jordan- tell us a little bit about some of the things you do as part of the improv comedy team at NCT?

I am part of the weekend team of improv players that perform every Friday and Saturday at the Theater. I also participate in off property corporate Remote Shows, Ref and teach High School Improv League, and help in Thursday night Improv Uncensored shows when I can. In the past I have dipped my toes into doing our panels at Phoenix comicon.

What NCT Improv Game is your favorite and why?

Forward Reverse. This game has the potential to get out of control and I love it. It really challenges you to remember what you previously did and constantly add on to it. It’s also a game that highlights team work because you have to be paying close attention to what your partner has said and done.

Which new Game Changer game is your favorite and why?

I’m really digging Comprehensive History. We take an ordinary every day object and then from there show you the complete history from beginning to end of this object. I like it so much because it gives you an opportunity to start in one direction and by the end you will be in a totally different direction that what you could have never predicted. Fingers crossed it makes the program!

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

At NCT? Oh Man– it’s hard to pinpoint just one thing. There have been several times that I could not keep it together during ‘5 things.’ Especially when we get odd celebrities like Skeet Ulrich, Tom Selleck or Mayim Bialik as suggestions.
Also, i recently reffed a scene where most of the cast were squids. Pretty hilarious.

What is the best suggestion we’ve ever gotten?

We were playing our signature game of ‘5 things’ and one of the suggestions for an item change was an
“Existential crisis”. I still don’t know how you show that and don’t remember what even happened. What i do know is we did not get it right but we failed hilariously and spectacularly.

What is your spirit animal and why?

Spider Monkey- Those little suckers are so flexible and can move their bodies in such an impressive way. I’d like to think that I have the grace of a spider monkey when I’m on stage.

Which Star Trek character do you relate to most and why?

Hopefully I don’t get kicked out of the theater for this but I have only seen half of the new reboot of Star Trek soooo…. I’m going to pretend this said “Which Star Wars character do you relate to most and why?”
…Hey… I love STAR WARS! I love that you asked me a question about STAR WARS. I love me some Han Solo because he is fun, independent, and unpredictable. Three things that were fun to watch growing up and are still fun to watch now. Boy I am glad you asked me about STAR WARS!

What movie, TV show and book do you recommend to NCT fans?

T.V Show- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I can’t stop watching this delightfully silly series. If you like fast, rapid fire jokes with interesting and unpredictable story lines than this is for you.
Book- Live from New York (uncensored History of Saturday Night Live)
Movie- I have been feeling Mel Brooks lately. I recommend Blazing Saddles, History of the World and Young Frankenstein

Tell us something the audience might not guess about you?

I own two cats and if space was not an issue I would have at least 4 more. Or I would keep getting them until I find one that is obsessed with me and won’t leave my side. Maybe I should look into dogs?

Do you have a lucky number?

4. One day i decided it was 4 and i haven’t looked back since.

What do you find most thrilling about performing live comedy?

Collaboration with a team. I love building off ideas and supporting my team mates.
I also love the unpredictability about a live show. You truly have no idea how it is going to go or what is coming next.

THank you, Jordan!

Come see Jordan Collier live on stage at NCT at Friday and Saturday night Improv Comedy shows. Get tickets by using your powers of free will to click on these words. You will, at once, be whisked away to our ticketing page!

Meet the Players of NCT: Heath Wilcock

Welcome to part 3 of our ongoing series: Meet the Players of National Comedy Theatre Improv Comedy Club! This month we will get to know longtime player, Ref and workshop teacher Heath Wilcock.

Hello, Heath. Please tell us what you do at NCT Improv Comedy Club?

I am a weekly performer at NCT.  I also host the shows, or Ref, as well as sometimes run the whole improv comedy club when the directors are away.  I like to participate in as many shows–including corporate and private Remote Shows–as I possibly can because we do so many cool ones besides our Friday and Saturday shows, such as: Mash-Ups, Uncensored, and getting to perform at Phoenix Comicon for the past six years.

What show at NCT is your favorite and why?

Ooof.  Well I of course enjoy performing every weekend with the rest of the NCT troupe, because every weekend I get to be a part of fun, innovative shows, which strengthens my excitement of why I do improv in the first place.  I also really enjoy doing the Improv Uncensored Show on the third Thursday of every month because it’s a different form of improv that calls for more exploration, theme-wise, in regards to the one word suggestion.  

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

Oh goodness.  That’s rough.  After every show we do notes with the troupe, talk about each scene and how we can improve,
and at the end we do “5 Funny Things,” which is simply naming the top 5 funny things we saw during the shows.  It’s a nice way to end the night remembering it’s all about having a good time and to laugh.  So in other words, I see something very funny almost every weekend.  That doesn’t really answer the question.  And to be honest, I’ve sat on this question for way too long.  In short: I try to always “find the funny,” which means there’s just too many hilarious things to name because I feel like I laugh really hard at least once a day, or I try to make a goal of it.

What is your favorite improv game and why?

My favorite improv game that we play would probably have to be either Potpourri Replay or Shakespeare.  I love Potpourri Replay because I enjoy bending genres and re-working them back into the established first scene.  And I love Shakespeare because I get the opportunity to play with my words and act over-the-top dramatic.

What is the best suggestion we’ve ever gotten?

I remember we received Friedrich Nietzsche for our 5 Things game and I got really giddy because I just happen to research that dude a ton the week prior and knew a lot about his life and teachings.  I also think we get great suggestions every week, even if we’ve heard them before because there’s always a different angle to explore with that said suggestion, and in turn makes for a new scene experience.

What is your spirit animal and why?

Steve Martin because I love him.

What Hogwarts house do you belong to?

I did the personality test and I guess I belong to the Slytherin household.  I’m going to sit and think about this now.

What movie, TV show and book do you recommend to NCT fans?

Right now, for movie, I would recommend ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ because it’s the last film I saw where I laughed very hard.  I always recommend ‘I.T. Crowd’ because it’s a comfort show, and I’ve seen each episode at least five times.  And I recommend ‘Born Standing Up’ by Steve Martin because it captures the work and constant failure it takes to eventually receive great success.

Tell us something the audience might not guess about you?

Something people might not know about me is I would choose cheese over candy.

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

“The greatest mistake a person can make is to be afraid of making one.”
THANKS for being a part of Meet the Players of National Comedy Theatre Improv Comedy Club and… thanks for being an awesome player!

get tickets to see heath wilcock & the rest of the players of NCT…

Click HERE to get tickets through our automated website, or call 602-374-5638 for a friendly, human box office attendant.

Events in May at NCT Phoenix!

Mother's Day Show

May Events at nct phoenix!

Join us for some fun and super cool improv comedy and more at National Comedy Theatre this May & June

Teacher’s BOGO Teachers BOGO in May
Begins Friday May 6 through Saturday May 28th Teachers get BOGO admission at ANY Friday or Saturday Improv Comedy Show or May 19th Improv Uncensored Show

Teachers of the Valley- Gosh you work hard! You’re almost there! Summer is around the corner! While you count the minutes, we think you deserve a night of laughs with a friend! Through the month of May Teachers admission is Buy One Get One Free!

Call 602-374-5638 for your custom discount code.

MAMA-RAMA National Comedy Theatre’s Salute to Moms!Mother's Day Show
Friday May 6th & Saturday May 7th at 7:30pm & 9:45pm

At NCT the hilarious and fast paced comedy is always an exciting night out for the whole family but at MAMA-RAMA… it’s all about MOM! Mom’s get in for just $5 with promo code MAMAS16. Plus, when Moms bring in a photo for the Wall of Mom’s Photo Booth, they’ll get a popcorn for a FREE! Join us for a night of laughs you will never forget.

Get tickets online by clicking HERE or call 602-374-5638

Champs vs. Pros: Perry Perrywinkles take on the cast of NCT
Saturday May 14th at 7:30pm       $12-$14

Perry High’s improv team- the Perrywinkles are one of this year’s High School Improv League Tournament ChamHigh School Improv Champspions! …for the 3rd year in a row!

On Saturday May 14th they will take the stage with NCT’s pros for an exciting and spontaneous improv competition full of fun and big laughs!

Get tickets online by clicking HERE or call 602-374-5638

Champs vs. Pros: VYT’s Ha Ha’s take on the cast of NCT
Friday May 20th at 7:30pm      $12-$14

Valley Youth Theatre’s improv team- the Ha Ha’s participated in this year’s High School Improv League Tournament for the very first time and- THEY are one of this year’s High School Improv League Tournament Champions!

On Friday May 20th they will take the stage with NCT’s pros and you won’t want to miss this event!

Get tickets online by clicking HERE or call 602-374-5638

Improv Uncensored
Thursday May 19th 7:30pm $8 (ages 17+)

At National Comedy Theatre’s Improv Uncensored, things just might get a little crazy. This show is spontaneous, off the cuff, and out of control. Unlike the all-ages comedy of the Friday and Saturday night Competitive Comedy Shows, NCT’s Improv Uncensored Show has no ref, no rules, no “Brown Bag Foul,” and no holds barred.

Heroes of the Multiverseheroes of the multiverse
A LIVE Reading Sunday 5/22 at 2:00pm $5

Join us for a live reading of the new feature film screenplay by writer Nathan Blackwell of Squishy Studios, read by a full cast of actors.

“Heroes of the Multiverse” is a comedy adventure about the ultimate movie genre mashup. When a band of evil ninjas (from a bad 80s movie) discover a way to travel to different dimensions (movie genres), an unremarkable man must unite the heroes from these different worlds to stop the bad guys in time. Like the genre love-letter of “Kung Fury” meets the off-the-wall action of “Big Trouble in Little China.”

Get tickets online by clicking HERE or call 602-374-5638

Join us for all of these exciting events and stay tuned for more Events at National Comedy Theatre!

Meet the Players of NCT

Anthony Thornton

meet the players of national comedy theatre

this month we meet… anthony thornton

If you have been to a show at NCT- chances are you have seen Anthony Thornton. Today we get to learn a little more about in him in a new segment we like to call… meet the players! Where we get to know more about the friendly, funny folk who take the stage each week at NCT Improv Comedy Club.

Tell us what you do at NCT- including shows you participate in and extra stuff?

At times is seems like I live at NCT. I love comedy and I love being able to get on stage and make people laugh, so I try to take every opportunity I can (except when it involves singing. Anthony is not a singer). I perform (either as a Ref, player, or Mr. Voice) almost every Friday and Saturday in our competitive shows. In the past, I have been a High School League Coachl, produced Stand-up shows and I have been a cast member of our Sketch shows. I teach workshops, and haved coached the NCT Longform Team. The thing I take the most pride in though is the Movie Mash-up. I got to run this project shortly after we started it, and get to direct some of our mash-up panels at nerd-heaven, Phoenix Comicon.

**Anthony can be seen at NCT in upcoming Improv Uncensored shows, featuring the Longform Team and Movie Mash-Up on Thursday March 17th and Thursday March 24th at 7:30pm. Both shows are $8 and unrated- recommended for audiences ages 17+. Get tickets HERE.

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. No… watching Kevin McDonald simultaneously explain and apologize for a scene during a screening of Brain Candy. No… the guy from Skid Row that dressed in a knitted shawl and floppy garden hat that closed out the open mic as “Mother Earth” before the main show at Garrett Morris’s Downtown Comedy Club in Downtown LA. So many choices! I think the funniest moment I can remember was Kevin McDonald jumping on stage with us and we all just standing back and trying to keep up with him. I’ve been a fan of Kids in the Hall since I was a wee little nerd and then years later I am on stage and he is groping me. #BucketlistComplete

**Kevin McDonald, of the Kids in the Hall has been to visit NCT on two different occasions. Each time he taught workshops and performed in shows with the cast of NCT as well as guest performers from NCT San Diego and Torch Theater. Video of our performance can be found on the NCT YouTube Channel and on our Google+ page.

When you do stand up, do you get lonely and miss the rest of us?

Hahahaha I always miss being on stage with my Improv family! My stand-up persona and my ref persona are very similar so it can be a little weird to look over to the wings and not see a red or blue polo. Stand-up is my first love, and when you are up there alone, the safety net of having someone waiting to help bail you out a bit that isn’t working is gone, and that makes the highs and bit higher and the lows a lot lower. I do find myself working new bits in my living room and thinking to myself, “If only I could get Heath, or Andi, or Paul to jump on this and work it out with me, I could find a stronger punch line or a better tag.” You lose the luxury of creating something together, so you have to stretch yourself a bit more and I think that helps me step up my level of play in improv, stand-up, and whatever I happen to be writing at the time.

What is your favorite improv game and why?

It’s a tie between Blind Line and Good Advice/ Bad Advice. Blind Line is great because sometimes the lines that we get from the audience can fit so perfectly into a scene. Other times, the lines we get from the audience make no sense, so you have to think fast on how to make it make work in the scene. Good Advice Bad Advice is great because I get to create a character and the audience helps me get to know that character as we go. The audience is helping me create the character without knowing it.

What is the best suggestion we’ve ever gotten?

When it comes to suggestions, I’m a sucker for nerdy things and almost anything from the 90’s, but I think the best suggestion I’ve got recently was a few weeks ago during 5 things. I forget the initial activity, but we swapped out a ball for the Head of Bob Dole. When it comes to improvisers, we love to challenge ourselves and getting the obscure suggestion of Bob Dole to show to a younger player was the most beautiful challenge. We didn’t get it right but we had a blast failing!

**To see Anthony play in NCT’s signature game- 5 Things and bring your own awesome suggestion, CLICK HERE for showtimes & tickets!

What makes you a good Ref?

My electric personality, my lightning fast wit, and being aggressively humble. I’m a pretty special individual. Ha ha! In reality I am a good ref for two reasons. Stand-up is what I what I attribute most of my skills as a Ref to. As a stand up comic you have to learn how to read a crowd, you have to learn to own the stage from the moment you’re introduced to the moment you step off for the night, and you learn to work with a crowd. As a stand up comic I am mostly a story teller, but I love doing crowd work and making each set a little different from the last. As a Ref I like to make little quips or facial expressions to play with the audience and the players on stage to keep the energy going between games. The second thing is, as a Ref at NCT- I am just an audience member that you have to listen to. I get to experience the show as they do and it allows them to relate to me a bit more and vice versa.

Which State Bird is most like you?

The Turkey… because I can’t fly.

What movie, TV show and book do you recommend to NCT fans?

Movie: My all-time favorite movie is Empire Strikes Back, you should watch it and love it so we can be friends. But I do recommend that everyone see Chef.  Jon Favreau (along with an amazing cast) put together a funny and heartwarming story and my wife and I loved it.

TV: Rick & Morty, Venture Brothers, and Baskets. Watch them. No explanations needed.

Book: Born Standing Up, The Chris Farley Show, and Batman: Under the Red Hood. (My bookshelf is filled with comic books and books about comedy.)

Tell us about Phoenix Comicon and what you have enjoyed that we have done over past years?

Phoenix Comicon is the biggest event in my house. My wife Becca and I start planning for the next Con the day after the current Con ends. Comicon has been the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. Nerd culture keeps growing and I get to go perform and be around people who love all things awesome the same way I do. Nerds appreciate things in a way that no one else can and it’s an amazing feeling to be on the receiving end of that appreciation. Comicon gave me my first IMDB credit (Blood Orgy of the Damned)! Last year’s Movie MashTerpiece featuring Star Wars Uncensored was incredible. That show brought in one of the biggest crowds we’ve had in the many years we’ve done panels and having people come up to me during the rest of con asking where our other panels were and when and how hard they laughed. It’s hard to explain how great of a feeling that is.

What are you looking forward to at Comicon this year?

Finding a way to top ourselves. The people who come back to our panels year after year mean a lot to me and I want to give them some more stuff they’ve never seen before. With the return of MST3K (who’s excited!? Get excited!) there is a bit of pressure we put on ourselves to step up what we do to and give you something new. Also my wife and I will be dressing up every day. Also… Billie Piper!

**You can find informationa bout Phoenix Comicon HERE and, as the event approaches, you will be able to search the Programming schedule to find National Comedy Theatre’s many Movie MashTerpiece events! Add us to your ConQuest so that you don’t miss out on any of the magic.

Did Anthony get it wrong on the State Bird? Do you have any fond memories of Anthony on stage at NCT to share? Let us know in the comments!

And, stay tuned to the NCT Phoenix Blog for more Meet the Players segments coming soon!

Special Events in March

improv uncensored

what’s going on in march at national comedy theatre?

We’re glad you asked…

In addition to all the rip roaring fun of the weekly Competitive Improv Comedy Shows at National Comedy Theatre, you’re favorite Improv Comedy Club, we also have some special events in March that will only happen once!

St. Patrick’s day just so happens to fall on the third Thursday this month. Fans of Improv Uncensored will know that this is the night when NCT lets its hair down and let’s things get crazy. Well, we didn’t want to let an opportunity to get crazy, St. Patrick’s style, and so we give you…

Uncensored: St. Patricks!
Thursday March 17 at 7:30pm Tickets $8 Ages 17+

Things are always off the rocker at National Comedy Theatre’s Improv Uncensored show, but for Uncensored: St. Patricks… we never know WHAT might happen. With 3 different comedy acts and intermittent improv games, this show is spontaneous, off the cuff and out of control. Unlike the All Ages comedy of the Friday & Saturday night Improv Comedy Shows NCT’s Improv Uncensored Show has no Ref, no rules, no “Brown Bag Foul,” and no holds barred.

And check out more Improv Uncensored on April 21st and May 19th.

It’s also time to bring back the uncensored Movie MASHterpiece! This month we have a surprise movie that is not only perfectly horrible and hilarious, it also fits right in with our March Mayhem theme. Catch a sneak peek at Uncensored St. Patrick’s and then join us for the main event on March 24th!

Movie MashTerpiece: March Mayhem
Thursday March 24th 7:30pm $8 (Ages 17+)

At Movie MashTerpiece the hilarious cast of National Comedy Theatre take a terrible movie and give it a complete comedy overhaul! 100% of the original soundtrack is remove and TOTALLY new dialogue, new characters, new plot twists and more are created LIVE as you watch! This event is Uncensored and suggested for audiences 17+

and, of course you know about our Spring Break special for College students during the month of March.

Spring Break ALL MONTH at NCT!
$8 admission for College Students EVERY Friday & Saturday at 9:45pm thru March!

Fast paced, funny, totally spontaneous improv comedy shows are just $8 for College students all month long at National Comedy Theatre! Bring your student ID to the box office or call 602-374-5638 for a promo code to use for online reservations. Available at 9:45pm shows.

Get tickets to these fabulous events and more when you CLICK HERE or call the box office at 602-374-5638.

February Events at NCT


There are a whole bunch of super cool and exciting events at National Comedy Theatre this month. Check them out! Are there events or specialty shows you would like to see coming up at NCT? Let us know in the comments!

Improv Uncensored
Thursday February 18th at 7:30pm Tickets $8
For audiences ages 17+

At Improv Uncensored, things just might get a little crazy. This show is spontaneous, off the cuff and out of control. Unlike the All Ages comedy of the Friday & Saturday night Competitive Comedy Shows NCT’s Improv Uncensored Show has no Ref, no rules, no “Brown Bag Foul,” and no holds barred. Check out the sassy side of NCT and get your tickets today!

And check out St. Patricks Uncensored on Thursday March 17th.

The Late Shows at NCT now featuring drink specials for a limited time!
Friday & Saturday Nights at 9:45pm Tickets $12- $14

At National Comedy Theatre’s Competitive Comedy Shows audiences are amazed by the fast paced, high energy and totally spontaneous comedy. Now NCT is offering monthly featured beer and wine plus drink specials at the 9:45pm Late Shows for comedy fans who like to stay up late for laughs. February’s featured beer is San Tan Devils Ale, just $3 through 2/28/16.

Early Shows at 7:30pm on Friday & Saturday nights, drink specials not included. Drink special valid only at 9:45pm shows and for folks with ID who are of legal age… doi.

The Valentines Shows at NCT
Friday Feb. 12 & Saturday Feb. 13th at 7:30pm & 9:45pm
Tickets $12- $14 All Ages

Competitive Comedy at National Comedy Theatre is ALWAYS a hilarious and spontaneous good time, but on Feb. 12th & 13th… LOVE is in the air! The Valentines Shows at NCT feature fresh and funny games you can ONLY see once a year. Games like “Pick Up Lines,” where one lucky audience member is serenaded by spontaneous proclamations of love by the teams of comedians.  You don’t want to miss the fun and excitement of Valentines Shows at NCT!

For these and all shows at NCT…. CLICK HERE and be whisked away to get tickets today!

Join the National Comedy Theatre Team
Sunday February 28th 1:00pm

National Comedy Theatre wants YOU! At NCT we have 4 to 5 shows or more each week, not to mention countless private events, workshops, conventions, comicons and more. We have so many opportunities to perform, teach and participate at NCT- there aren’t enough comedians to fill them all! That is why we need YOU! NCT hosts open call auditions only once per year and we are looking for diverse folks (over the age of 18) who are full of energy, full of enthusiasm and full of talent. No improv experience is necessary.

Please call 602-374-5638 to sign up today.