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May Events, Shows and Workshops at NCT


CODEStudents- BOGO offer all month long at NCT!  At Friday & Saturday night Improv Comedy Shows 

The end of the school year approaches and we KNOW you need a laugh! Join us at Improv Comedy Shows every Friday & Saturday night at NCT and students get Buy One Get One FREE admission!

Call 602-374-5638 for the super secret promo code- this offer is available with online reservations only and will not be accepted at the box office- Call us today and have some laughs!

Drop In

Drop In Improv Workshop Thursday May 4, May 11, May 18, May 25, June 1
Thursday Nights  7:00- 8:30pm   $15

Improv Comedy Class with no commitment! Drop in to just one class in the series, or drop in and take them all!  Drop In Classes EVERY Thursday night from 7:00pm-8:30pm through June 1st with a Drop In JAM performance on Thursday June 8th!

Call for more info or to reserve your spot today! 602-374-5638


Mama-Rama! Improv Comedy for Mother’s Day at NCT
Friday June 12 and Saturday June 13th at 7:30pm & 9:45pm

National Comedy Theatre’s Salute to Moms!  It is time for the annual Mother’s Day Comedy Show at National Comedy Theatre, known as the MAMA-RAMA.

At NCT the hilarious and fast paced comedy is always an exciting night out for the whole family but at MAMA-RAMA… it’s all about MOM! Mom’s get in for just $5 with promo code MAMAS17.  Join us for a night of laughs you will never forget.

It’s Sweet September With Exciting Events at NCT

Here are all of the exciting events coming this fall to your favorite Improv Comedy Club… NCT! Click HERE for showtimes and tickets to all of these exciting events. Click HERE to become best friends with us on Facebook, another great way to find out about exciting events.

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Meet the Players of NCT: Nate McWhortor

Nate McWhortor
In this month’s Meet the Players of NCT we meet Nate McWhortor! Find out what secret surprises he drops into the show when hes Mr. Voice, what Star Wars character he identifies as and what his favorite NCT suggestion was! AND, while you are at it, CLICK HERE to grab tickets to come see Nate and the rest of the NCT cast and crew in Competitive Comedy shows EVERY Friday & Saturday night!

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Still Time to get into Summer Workshops!

Summer Improv Series

There is Still Time to Sign Up for Summer Improv Series- Mini Workshops!

Summer is a great time to try new things and there is still plenty of time to get into an exciting improv class. NCT is offering short and sweet 4 week workshops in a summer series! Each class is a super fun, high impact and low stress. There is still time to to sign up for the remaining Summer Improv Series classes. Call: 602-374-5638

coming up in less than a week? Level 1- Mini Beginners Class

Tuesday Nights 7-9:00pm   $95/ 4 Weeks    Begins Tuesday July 19th & meets each Tuesday for 4 weeks

A Mini Beginning Improv Workshop! Start your improv journey in a super short, super fun 4 week Mini Beginners Improv class. Perhaps you would like to follow up on the skills learned in Level 0? Refresh skills learned in a past Level 1? Check out a Level 1 without committing to a full 6 weeks? Get out of the house for some reason and learn something new? This class is perfect for all those reasons and more.

coming up at the beginning of august? Geek Improv Class

Monday Nights 7-9:00pm    $95/ 4 Weeks     Begins Monday August 1st & meets each Monday for 4 weeks

What is Geek Improv? It is, simply, the skills and techniques of improv comedy put through the geeky lens as only a geeky Lenz can. Krissy Lenz has been performing improv for 20 years, teaching for 10 and geeky for a lot longer than that. Krissy has appeared on 3TV’s Your Life A to Z as the Guru of Geekery since 2014,  is a podcaster with Educating [Geeks] Podcast Network and a long time producer of content for Phoenix Comicon.

If you want to learn improv for the first time in the nerdist way possible, or if you already know a little improv and you can’t wait to see it geeked out to the nines… this class is for you!

coming up in mid-august? Full Level 1: Beginning Improv Class

Level 1: Beginning Improv (full 6 week workshop)    Begins Tuesday August 16th 7:00- 9:00pm       $195/6 weeks

Have you been to the shows at National Comedy Theatre and thought to yourself, “Golly, it sure would be fun to learn those games!” Perhaps you are looking forward to trying something new and unique this summer? Maybe you are interested in sharpening your skills and improving your self confidence, listening skills and quick thinking abilities?    

The real question is, are you ready to be amazing?

In National Comedy Theatre’s Level 1: Beginning Improv class you will learn the same improv comedy games and concepts seen on stage at our award winning Competitive Improv Comedy Shows. This class is a comprehensive introduction to Improvisation. Improv comedy will develop your ability to focus, use teamwork, listen, think on your feet and have confidence… and, most importantly, improv will help you be amazing.

call us today to learn more or sign up for class

For more information or to register, please call or email National Comedy Theatre 602-374-5638, workshops@nctphoenix.com

and, save $25 each when signing up with a friend!

Call today to learn more: 602-374-5638

Meet the Players of NCT: Heath Wilcock

Welcome to part 3 of our ongoing series: Meet the Players of National Comedy Theatre Improv Comedy Club! This month we will get to know longtime player, Ref and workshop teacher Heath Wilcock.

Hello, Heath. Please tell us what you do at NCT Improv Comedy Club?

I am a weekly performer at NCT.  I also host the shows, or Ref, as well as sometimes run the whole improv comedy club when the directors are away.  I like to participate in as many shows–including corporate and private Remote Shows–as I possibly can because we do so many cool ones besides our Friday and Saturday shows, such as: Mash-Ups, Uncensored, and getting to perform at Phoenix Comicon for the past six years.

What show at NCT is your favorite and why?

Ooof.  Well I of course enjoy performing every weekend with the rest of the NCT troupe, because every weekend I get to be a part of fun, innovative shows, which strengthens my excitement of why I do improv in the first place.  I also really enjoy doing the Improv Uncensored Show on the third Thursday of every month because it’s a different form of improv that calls for more exploration, theme-wise, in regards to the one word suggestion.  

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

Oh goodness.  That’s rough.  After every show we do notes with the troupe, talk about each scene and how we can improve,
and at the end we do “5 Funny Things,” which is simply naming the top 5 funny things we saw during the shows.  It’s a nice way to end the night remembering it’s all about having a good time and to laugh.  So in other words, I see something very funny almost every weekend.  That doesn’t really answer the question.  And to be honest, I’ve sat on this question for way too long.  In short: I try to always “find the funny,” which means there’s just too many hilarious things to name because I feel like I laugh really hard at least once a day, or I try to make a goal of it.

What is your favorite improv game and why?

My favorite improv game that we play would probably have to be either Potpourri Replay or Shakespeare.  I love Potpourri Replay because I enjoy bending genres and re-working them back into the established first scene.  And I love Shakespeare because I get the opportunity to play with my words and act over-the-top dramatic.

What is the best suggestion we’ve ever gotten?

I remember we received Friedrich Nietzsche for our 5 Things game and I got really giddy because I just happen to research that dude a ton the week prior and knew a lot about his life and teachings.  I also think we get great suggestions every week, even if we’ve heard them before because there’s always a different angle to explore with that said suggestion, and in turn makes for a new scene experience.

What is your spirit animal and why?

Steve Martin because I love him.

What Hogwarts house do you belong to?

I did the personality test and I guess I belong to the Slytherin household.  I’m going to sit and think about this now.

What movie, TV show and book do you recommend to NCT fans?

Right now, for movie, I would recommend ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ because it’s the last film I saw where I laughed very hard.  I always recommend ‘I.T. Crowd’ because it’s a comfort show, and I’ve seen each episode at least five times.  And I recommend ‘Born Standing Up’ by Steve Martin because it captures the work and constant failure it takes to eventually receive great success.

Tell us something the audience might not guess about you?

Something people might not know about me is I would choose cheese over candy.

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

“The greatest mistake a person can make is to be afraid of making one.”
THANKS for being a part of Meet the Players of National Comedy Theatre Improv Comedy Club and… thanks for being an awesome player!

get tickets to see heath wilcock & the rest of the players of NCT…

Click HERE to get tickets through our automated website, or call 602-374-5638 for a friendly, human box office attendant.

Away from the Screen, Up on the Stage: Improv for Teens

teen improv

Improv for teens? Yes! And… teenagers are some of the best improvisers on the planet, and we would know! Through NCT’s High School Improv League as well as teen improv workshops and camps throughout the year, we teach a lot of improv to a LOT of teens.

Just this past Saturday we hosted the first day of our 8th annual High School Improv League Tournament. 11 teams of high school improvisers from around the Valley have been working on their improv skills all year and the Tournament is a terrific opportunity for them to show what they have learned. The result is always impressive and hilarious, because so many of the skills learned through improvisation are super useful in the every day life of a teen.

Creative and quick thinking skills are completely necessary in improv comedy. The warm up games, training exercises and performance games that we use in teaching improv comedy help develop these skills. The best part is, the ability to think fast and have confidence in your choices extends beyond the stage and into real life. Teens who trust themselves and their ideas are more likely to put unique ideas out there without fear of judgement or rejection- and that is what improv comedy is all about.

We don’t improvise alone, either. Teens who participate in improv comedy classes work together with their team to create spontaneous comedy. Listening to each other is a key element in improv. Supporting the ideas and suggestions of your team mates is one of the MOST important elements of improv comedy. Listening and team work are highly emphasized, developed and encouraged through all types of improv for teens. Another great set of skills to take beyond the stage and into the world at large? You bet!

We also eliminate the fear of messing up or looking stupid, something many teens struggle with. In improv, there are no wrong answers and mistakes are opportunities. Isn’t that a wonderful way to approach life. With improv for teens, that seed of that idea gets planted early on and continues to grow!

Furthermore, improv is ACTIVE. We get teens up on their feet, moving, thinking and working together. Instead of sitting and watching funny YouTube videos or comedy sketches as a passive observer, we get improvisers up and on their feet to create comedy as an active participant. Teens can create content and comedy of their own when we step away from the screen and on to the stage!

NCT has teen improv classes coming up in June! Check out our Teen Improv Camp page for dates and times.