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2017/2018 NCT High School League has BEGUN!!!

Teams Warm Up Before Shows

Why We Highschool League:

High School Improv League teams learn advanced improv comedy games and techniques in NCT teen improv classes

High School Improv League teams learn advanced improv comedy games and techniques in NCT teen improv classes

When I was in High School (back in the 90’s) I was introduced to the concept of improvisation, It was a full semester and we learned improv games and at the end of the semester put on a show at school.  I loved it.  It was something that I didn’t know that i needed in my life.  At the time i thought that it was all about fun and just having a fun time.  This was true, It was fun.  And after the semester was over that was it.  No more improv for me.  So I started seeking it out.  I found a club at the mesa arts center that was doing an improv show and joined.  It became something that I did every week. But again it was just about having fun and doing corny,  and to be honest, really bad improv.  My life changed when I moved to San Diego and joined the cast of the National Comedy Theatre.  

Teen Improv is Awesome! NCT Teen Improv Classes with Campo Verde High School's Copperpocalypse Improv Comedy Team

Teen Improv is Awesome! NCT Teen Improv Classes with Campo Verde High School’s Copperpocalypse Improv Comedy Team

At NCT I became part of an improv family, and a teacher with their High School League.  The League was everything that I had experience before,  teaching kids improv games and giving them an opportunity to have fun.  But, it was SO MUCH MORe than just that.  The program taught High school age kids responsibility, critical thinking,  active listening,  acceptance, trust and self confidence.  We also taught high school kids the theories and fundamentals of the art of improvisational acting,  which teaches about active agreement and supporting the work of your partners. Basically improv teaches you how to be a better human being and the side effect of it is hilarious comedy.  

At this time i realized why i gravitated to it so much.  High school is hard, it’s a confusing time in our lives and Improv teaches you that You are enough and all You need to do, is be the best YOU, you can be.  

Teams Warm Up Before Shows

Teams Warm Up Before Shows

When we returned to phoenix and opened our theatre here,  Our High School league program was something that we implemented immediately, because we wanted to share the love of improv, and all the great benefits it provides.

That is why We High School League, That is why our theatre takes this program seriously and is committed to making it an important part of our community outreach.  This month we launch our 2016/2017 High school league year.  You can find out more information, by clicking on the link here.

High School Improv League

The Campo Verde Copperpocalypse win the FrankenTrophy

Cast and Crew of NCT Phoenix

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.

-Michael Jordan

High School Improv League Tournament Champions

High School Improv Champs

NCT’s 2016 High School Improv League Tournament was held this April and we are proud to announce the winners!

In 3rd place the Centennial Plan B Improv Team. In 2nd place Horizon’s 56th St Comedy Club. And the 2016 Tournament Champions are… tied! Congratulations to Perry High School’s Perrywinkles for a 3rd straight Tournament Championship which they will share with Valley Youth Theatre’s Ha Ha’s!

Catch the winning teams in their shows on the NCT Main Stage vs. our own professional improvisers!
Perry Perrywinkles Saturday May 14th at 7:30pm
VYT Ha Ha’s Friday May 20th at 7:30pm

Congratulations to all 11 teams who participated in the 2015-16 High School Improv League Season!

Learn more about the NCT High School Improv League HERE and join us next year!

High School Improv LeagueHigh School Improv League