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Meet the Cast

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Dorian Lenz

Dorian is the Director of NCT Phoenix. He previously enjoyed a successful career as Director of National Comedy Theatre San Diego; San Diego's longest running comedy show. Dorian began performing improv comedy as a young teenager and now has more than 15 years of performance experience under his belt. Dorian has been teaching professional improvisers, workshop classes and high school improv leagues for more than 10 years. Dorian has performed across the country and all over the world, including performing overseas in Germany, Holland and Belgium for US Troops with Armed Forces Entertainment, as well as countless corporate and special events all over the United States.
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Krissy Lenz

Krissy Lenz is the Creative Director of National Comedy Theatre Phoenix. Krissy has more than 16 years of performance experience and training as well as more than 7 years of teaching and 5 years directing. Krissy also teaches improv comedy workshops for adults, teens and kids. She coaches and administrates the very awesome and successful AZ High School League, and presents Team Building Experiences and private workshops as well as performing in many Corporate Remote Shows. Besides doing all of that? Krissy is the proud mama of two adorable youngsters.

Andi Oliver

Andi Oliver is an Arizona native. Andi has been part of the team at NCT since 2007, and is one of the original cast members of NCT Phoenix.
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Anthony Thornton

In addition to rocking your socks of with his amazing improv skills, Anthony is an accomplished and hilarious stand-up comic. In addition to founding Stand Up, Save Lives productions and hosting several stand up comedy showcases that benefit worthy causes, Anthony has performed all over Arizona and California and, really, those are two of the most important states there are. Anthony is also a big fan of 1990s cartoon shows.
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Brendan McCay

Brendan is an accomplished improvisational comedian and actor and recently turned husband. When he is not working hard at making people laugh, Brendan is also a much loved leader of a Young Life group for teens in Scottsdale.

Jared Cox

National Comedy Theatre Phoenix is proud to have Jared Cox perform on our stage when he is not in his home state of Kansas farming pigs. Yes. Jared is a proud pig farmer... this is not a joke.
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Andre Bryant

Andre is one of the origional cast members of National Comedy Theatre in Phoenix, starting with the team in 2007. Andre is an accomplished stand up comedian as well as improvisational comedian and saxaphone player.
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Heath Wilcock

Heath is a very funny improviser, comedian, magician, banker, father, cheese lover and Steve Martin fan.
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Jacob "Chico" Talbert

A long time improviser, Jacob Talbert began his career with the Mesa Arts Center's 'Off The Cuff.' We call Jacob 'Chico' because of a sweater he once wore. Yes, thats all it takes to get an awesome nickname at NCT... wear a sweater. Jacob is also very funny.
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Bob Caplan

Bob Caplan was raised by Gypsies and schooled in Oxford. He has been in theaters all his life but first gained notoriety as a war correspondent in Vietnam and later as a television news anchor. He spent over a decade tramping about the East before being transplanted to Arizona. A pioneer in Cable TV, he has also performed on the stage and in films and commercials. As the oldest active member of the NCT he gets to play Dad or Grandpa at least once per show, but his favorite recurring role is that of Connor & Mackenzie’s grandfather.
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Paul Broccolo

Paul has a BA from Arizona State University with emphasis on performance and a minor in theatre for youth. He dabbles in directing and studied with Marshal W. Mason before moving to LA to immersing himself in the Second City Experience. He graduated from The Second City Conservatory in October 2005 with the show Intelligent Design, Uncut, and has been part of Second City's grad performance troupe American Standard (2006-2009). Paul is also associated with the following sketch/improv troupes: The Young Lords of Chaos, AREA 54, and the Illuminaughty. Paul performed with American Standard in the 6th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival, and performed in the Los Angeles Improv Festival with AREA 54. Paul has just moved back to the Valley and is excited to be part of NCT Phoenix!
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Robert Colbert

Robert joined NCT Phoenix after attending a show and appearing on the vaunted wall of fame, yup, the one by the bathrooms. Determined to be more than the “guy you see every time you go to the bathroom,” Robert has focused on stalking, er, watching the other players in order to get better. “NCT has challenged me in new ways and I’m grateful,” Robert said. “The players on the team keep me on my toes. More importantly they have taught me how to make people laugh with me instead of at me.” Dubbed Spyderman by friends and foes alike, Robert spends his non-show nights spinning stories to his kids and anyone willing to toss loose change his way. Robert likes to exercise and practicing cloak-and-dagger war games in the cool 100-degree weather.
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Christina Stoffan

Christina might seem brave getting up on stage at NCT and dazzling audiences with her quick wit and spontaneous humor, but the real courage comes from teaching her 3rd grade class everyday...

Charmin Dahl

Charmin comes to NCT Phoenix via Las Vegas where she also taught and performed comedy improv.

George Moakley

George is one of the original cast members of NCT Phoenix and a recent graduate of ASU. George is in Germany now... but when he comes back he assures us that he will be much funnier.

Courtney Trumbull

Courtney is an improvisational comedian and bakes really amazing cupcakes.
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Nathan McWhortor

Nathan McWhortor (A.K.A Derrick) hails from Cave Creek, Arizona. He currently is a Broadcast Journalism major with a minor in Theatre at Arizona State University. He performs stand-up comedy around the valley and he likes cheese.
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Matt Myers

Matt is an accomplished actor and all around outstanding performer currently studying theatre at ASU and delighting everyone at National Comedy Theatre.
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Derrick Tesson

Derrick Tesson, in addition to his many performances as a stan up comedian and improviser, is also a massage therapist, bet you didn't know that.

Lori Lowes

Lori is a speech therapist and new player at NCT Phoenix.

Valerie Vasilas

Valerie is vegan and recently played a zombie in the very popular production of 12th Night of the Living Dead.
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Allison Reese

Allison studies film and television at Scottsdale Community College. She is a hilarious stand up comedian in addition to her weekly improvisational performances at National Comedy Theatre. And, fun fact, Allison is our youngest cast member at National Comedy Theatre Phoenix.

Drew Leatham

Bio coming soon.

Jared Cox

Is from Kansas.

Kate Anderson

Wait a minute... isnt that a picture of Matt Myers? Kate Anderson is a very skilled professional and expert dog trainer as well as hilarious lady comedian. Kate caught the improv bug at National Comedy Theatre's Improv Workshops and quickly bacame a member of the cast. Photo that is actually of Kate Anderson coming soon.
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Yousef Hawash

Yousef is one of the origional cast members at National Comedy Theatre Phoenix. Yousef is a student at ASU studying journalism.
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Bobby O'Mara

Bobby is an original cast member at National Comedy Theatre Phoenix and has many years of improvisational and theatre experience here in the Valley. Bobby is half irish, half itallian and all poker player.

Jared "Bootsie" Hutton

Bio Coming Soon.
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Dom Johnson/h4> When not appearing on National Comedy Theatre's stage Dominique Johnson can be found performing stand up comedy throughout the Valley.

Erica Connell

Erica is a talented actor in addition to her improvisational skills, she has most recently appeared in Southwest Shakespeare's Macbeth and will soon be seen in televisions Mystery Diners.