$5 Admission When You Donate A NEW* Children’s Book in February

February Book Drive at NCT

Book Drive! $5 Admission with a NEW Childrens Book Donation

Friday & Saturday Nights in February at 7:30 Competitive Comedy Or 9:45 Late Show Uncensored

NCT’s Improv Comedy Shows are always hilarious, totally spontaneous, completely interactive and, this month only, admission is just $5 with the Kids Need to Read Book Drive! Bring in any NEW children’s book for donation and admission is JUST $5! Use coupon code NEWBOOK online at www.nctphoenix.com during the month of February!
*One book required per person for $5 admission and the books must be NEW. (Used books or books in poor condition can not be donated and will be returned, admission will be charged at full price)

Don’t miss this yearly event!

Get tickets TODAY: http://www.nctphoenix.com/ticketsystem/

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